Moltres Raid Boss

Pokémon GO Moltres

Moltres is one of the Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. It is not soloable and it will take a minimum of 2 trainers to take it down with optimal counters, although unsure groups should attempt with at least 4. Moltres is a fire and flying type, and it’s got a few solid counters.

Moltres Boss CP is 41953 and it can have a Max Capture CP of 1870 (2337 in Sunny or Windy weather).

Moltres Raid Counters


Moltres Raid Counters



Rock x2 Water

Boosted By:

Windy Sunny

Supreme Moltres raid counters
Tyranitar Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock
Smack Down Tyranitar is a beast, and it shines against Moltres, as it preys on its double weakness to rock. Tyranitar is by far the best Moltres counter, allowing relatively easy duos for prepared trainers.
Excellent Moltres raid counters
Omastar Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock
Omastar is a really interesting counter to use versus Moltres, as takes reduced damage from fire, while still dealing great amount of damage, as long as it is rocking (pun intended) its legacy moveset. Without this though, it swiftly drops into territory where it is no longer useful. Although dwarfed by Tyranitar, should you be lucky enough to have one with legacy moves, make sure it has a place in battle.
Golem Rock Throw Rock Stone Edge Rock
Golem is a budget Smack Down Tyranitar, and second fiddle to legacy Omastar. A team of Tyranitars and Omastars will be a better option, but we are certain a fair number of readers will use Golems, as they had most likely been powered up Golems before and some might have missed Larvitar Community Day.
Good Moltres raid counters
Time to win rises considerably from here, and these Pokémon are best kept to B-teams or used when a large group is active.
Kyogre Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Rayquaza Dragon Tail Dragon Ancient Power Rock
Raikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric
Lunatone Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock
Solrock Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock
Sudowoodo Rock Throw Rock Rock Slide Rock
Gyarados Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Zapdos Charge Beam Electric Thunderbolt Electric

Moltres Movesets

Moltres Raid Counters Explained

Before we go into deeper analysis, remember that Moltres can’t be soloed. Before joining raid make sure you are using your best Pokémon with proper movesets.

Moltres takes Double Super Effective damage from rock type moves, due to its dual fire and flying type. It also takes Super Effective damage from water and electric type moves, although it is better to prioritize rock type attackers over water and electric. Even a beast like Kyogre still has a fifty second difference in time versus a Golem.

As for weather and its effects:

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts Moltres’ Fire moves
Windy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost
Partly Cloudy Boosts Super Effective Rock attacks
Rainy Boosts Super Effective Water and Electric attacks


This shows that the best weather to take a Moltres is Partly Cloudy or Rainy weather, where strong Pokémon like Kyogre, Tyranitar, and Golem receive their boosts.

To recap, the best Pokémon to fight Moltres is Tyranitar with Smack Down / Stone Edge. Golem and legacy Omastar are solid as well, especially considering all three have resistance to fire. It is best to attack a Moltres in Partly Cloudy and Rainy weather, while avoiding Sunny.

Additional Counters

These Pokemon are weaker than the counters mentioned above, but they are still viable, especially in large raid groups:

Considerably weaker, but still viable counters, mostly used in large groups as throw away attackers: