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Our community is growing bigger every day and we already received a lot of questions on our Fan Page on how to contribute to GO Hub. This is your chance to get published and earn some extra Incubator cash! 🙂

Some small notes for you before submitting your own Pokémon GO Hub guide

  • Make sure that this is your own guide and you didn’t copy it from anywhere else.
  • Please use the Search button to make sure your guide wasn’t not posted on GO Hub before.
  • If you want to attach screenshots into the guide, please upload them to Imgur and paste links into the guide.
  • At least 350-450 words guide is strongly recommended. Too short guides are not going to be posted.
  • We are accepting guides for Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun and Moon. Be creative.
  • For every 5 published guides, you will receive a $20 Giftcard from Pokémon GO Hub. Just remember to mention your name and email in those guides.

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