Lanturn Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Lanturn is one of the most versatile meta additions in Generation II, although it often goes unnoticed. The fact that Lanturn has access to both electric and water moves makes him great for a variety of purposes:

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
171 Lanturn Pokemon GO Lanturn
water electric
2077 146 146 250

Maybe the best thing about Lanturn is that it comes with 250 STA, in a perfect prestiging package – a low Max CP (2077)! Obtaining a Lanturn with a useful moveset and low-enough CP is not hard, especially for Trainers living in water biomes.

Lanturn can be used to counter the following Pokémon:

Lanturn moves in Pokémon GO

Best Lanturn moves in Pokémon GO
Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Water gun Water Thunder Electric 5/100 25.85 32.30
Water gun Water Hydro pump Water 5/130 24.70 30.85
Charge beam Electric Thunder Electric 8/100 24.50 30.60
Charge beam Electric Hydro pump Water 8/130 23.35 29.15
Water gun Water Thunderbolt Electric 5/80 21.00 26.25
Charge beam Electric Thunderbolt Electric 8/80 19.65 24.55

Pokémon GO Lanturn has access to several amazing moves. The best Lanturn movesets are as follows:

  • Charge Beam electric and Thunderbolt electric is the best Lanturn moveset for training and countering other Water types
    • utilises STAB and makes it easy to dodge
    • builds Energy very fast (Charge Beam generates 30% more Energy than Water Gun)
    • deals huge amounts of Super Effective damage
  • Water Gun water and Hydro Pump water is a fairly typical high tier Water based moveset
  • Mixed movesets have limited use, but are still viable for training

Pokemon GO Lanturn Counters

Although Lanturn should rarely be used as a Defender, there is a niche when he fills that role perfectly. In Gyms that are heavily stacked with Ground, Rock or Fire Pokémon (Rhydon heavy gyms), Lanturn serves as a gatekeeper for other Water types, keeping attacking Vaporeons at bay.

In that cause, you should be prepared to counter Lanturn, which is not difficult. We are focusing on less used attackers here, but be aware that ExeggutorDragonite and Snorlax can destroy Lanturn.

Lanturn counters in Pokemon GO
Tangela Victreebel Venusaur
Vine Whip Razor Leaf Vine Whip
Solar Beam Solar Beam Solar Beam