steelix pokemon go

Steelix has dual typing, which makes it take reduced damage from most high ranked attackers. Its defense is also the second highest in game defense stat (right after Shuckle). Not too bad Attack and Stamina make Steelix quite useful Pokémon in the current meta.

It’s good for attacking gyms, both for training purposes or taking it down, but it also makes you reconsider what you are going to use to beat it in higher level Gyms.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
208 Steelix
steel ground
2439 148 150 333

Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokémon. Steelix is the evolved form of Onix. It has been compressed underground, making its body harder than diamonds.

Steelix overview

Steelix is both steel and ground type which makes him take the following:

  • 125% from fire water fighting and ground
  • 80% from bug electric normal fairy flying psychic dragon and steel
  • 64% from rock and poison
Best Steelix movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Iron Tail steel Heavy Slam steel
?️ Gym defense Iron Tail steel Earthquake ground
? PvP (speculative) Iron Tail steel Heavy Slam steel

Steelix counters in Pokémon GO

Lanturn Tyranitar Vaporeon
Water Gun water Bite dark Water Gun water
Hydro Pump water Fire Blast fire  Hydro Pump water

Vaporeon and Flareon are both great for taking it down since they both take reduced and do extra damage to it.

Lanturn with water move set is even better since it does extra damage (125%) but takes even more reduced damage (64%) because of its dual type.

Tyranitar with Fire Blast fire is good because of its high attack even though it takes full (100%) damage from Steel moves.

Steelix movesets explanation

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Iron tail Steel Earthquake Ground 15/120 23.45 29.35
Iron tail Steel Heavy slam Steel 15/70 23.45 29.35
Dragon tail Dragon Earthquake Ground 15/120 23.45 27.65
Dragon tail Dragon Heavy slam Steel 15/70 23.45 27.65
Iron tail Steel Crunch Dark 15/70 17.75 19.45
Dragon tail Dragon Crunch Dark 15/70 17.75 17.75

Quick moves

  • Dragon Tail is good for taking down Dragonite, but that’s it.
  • Iron Tail has same speed as Dragon Tail (1.1 sec) and same Power (15) and even though it gains less energy it does Stab damage what makes it do higher DPS overall (17.1).

Charged moves

  • Crunch is worst Charged move for steelix with lowest DPS (21.9).
  • Earthquake has higher DPS (41.7) but takes 100 energy to cast an is very slow (3.6 sec).
  • Heavy Slam has same DPS as Earthquake but it takes half energy to cast (50) and is a lot faster (2.1 sec).