Pokémon Duel Guide

Best EX Figures in Pokémon Duel

Best EX Figures with 3 Movement

  • Greninja best runner in the game with synergy. Has (White 60). Gets +10 damage from Yveltal and +20 from Manaphy, in turn enabling a 30/40 Shrunken move.
  • Latios / Latias – Latios does 10 more damage (White 120/80/60) and has dodge where Latias has Fly over (Purple 2 *).Latias can be killed by yellow (such as Greninja shrunken) if it hits Fly, Latios dodge makes it more resilient. Fly allows you to make sometimes absurd board plays such as turn 2/3 wins if they make a mistake.

    Both Twins have the HUGE drawback of disappearing completely for the match if they get KO’d. That means they don’t cycle other Pokemon out of your PC.


  • Genesect – 40% chance to effectively Dodge / Charge attack, (White 50) damage is very strong for this Movement tier. Genesect can be very dangerous if you try to intercept him with a pure White attacker.Has it’s own plates which allow you to remove it’s victims from the duel entirely. Ability to move through allies lets you make special plays. Check Genesect Plates on our Plate Tier List.
  • Shuppet – Shuppet gets a special mention as he can pass through all units, making him a crazy goal getter. You’ll often encounter teams with 5EX and Shuppet as their goal scorer.

Best EX Figures with 2 Movement Speed

  • Yveltal is considered to be the best single EX in the game at the moment, with impressive Purple Moves that displace movement, or buff Dark and his (White 110). He enables the busted 3 Weavile team and makes Greninja scary.
    • Weavile gets a special mention despite not being EX- his self synergy and synergy with Yveltal is broken, since he can attack with laughably small risk.
  • Xerneas is ridiculously strong in Pokemon Duel. Self-buffs with Geomancy, buffs Fairy damage (there’s no fairy equivalent to Weavile or Greninja at the moment though) and passively boosts / reduces adjacent Pokemon Move Points. Crazy stuff.
  • Lugia is extremely risky to fight against because you’ll either be: taking 70 damage or a 3* automatic bench move.
  • Ho-Oh has a decent move set with (White 50/100). His greatest strength is that when Ho-Oh is knocked out, you get back all of your Pokémon in the Poké Center
  • Palkia and Dialga are very difficult to introduce in a game, as their passive doesn’t let them enter the field unless they’re last from bench. Powerful White attackers with (White 100, KO opponent on tie) and (White 110, your turn again if opponent dies).
  • Delphox is interesting, as having (White 70)/(White 50 + burn if you KO him) and movement displace is extremely strong.
  • Darkrai is very similar to Delphox, but has no auto-status on a move. He does automatically delay adjacent slept opponents by a turn, but he can’t cause sleep himself.
  • Lucario is amazing, with Aura Sphere being one of our favourite moves. Aura Sphere is a 1* Purple that lets you choose the opponent or the Pokemon behind it to knock out. Super strong move, great Pokemon to put against a physical attacker. Also has good dodge and (White 70).
  • Gardevoir is just a good special attacker, bench switching and stunning purple can mess with your opponent’s strategy. Her passive ability blocks ghost Pokémon like Shuppet and Gastly.
  • Mewtwo is able to bump back an entire line of enemies, making him one of the most useful Pokémon figures, and a strong attack (White 70) doesn’t hurt either. Like Mew, his Blue move puts him back on the bench which is a pretty significant drawback.

Best EX Figures with 1 Movement Speed

  • Aggron– Has a passive where adjacent enemies must attack him and cannot pass by otherwise. Has (White 40/90), has counter, has Protect. If I had him I would use the switch card to put him on an opponent’s base defender until it KO’d itself, getting around the disadvantage of having to constantly use my turn attacking.
  • Zygarde – Makes everyone on the map spin. Miss and die. Comeback king. Has (Yellow 50).
  • Manaphy – Passive +20 buff to water damage for your team, the Purple can help you make big plays. Busted support Pokemon.