Pokémon Duel Charmander



Charmander is an interesting figure, due to it’s high Movement Speed and a high chance to inflict Wait!

Smokescreen is almost as likely to occur as Flamethrower, resulting in a 24% base chance to make your opponent Wait and suffer.

Flamethrower is not a spectacle, but 40 Damage on a 3 MV is good.


Rarity: UC
Movement: 3
Material Cost: 450


Flamethrower – The only reason you’d be using Charmander is to evolve it into Charizard, so Flamethrower is your best bet.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
24 Flamethrower White 40
28 Smokescreen Purple The battle opponent now has Wait.
32 Scratch White 10
12 Miss Red

Special ability

No special ability.