Pokémon Duel Guide

How to Finish Pokémon Duel Quests

Here are some helpful pointers for those who wish to complete all the challenges, as there are certain figures that will be necessary down the road.

First off, the following are figures that will be specifically required to be in your deck to complete a challenge, so hold on to them and don’t accidentally get rid of them only to find they’re necessary later.

Figure Locations Required
Taillow Ulex (8), Atlantis (13, 14, 15)
Pikachu (UC) Château de Rosa (7)
Mudkip Atlantis (8)
Aipom Olivia Palace (7)
Mightyena The Volcano (1)
Beedrill The Volcano (7)

For the challenge requiring Pikachu to be in your deck, it will only work with the Uncommon version, not the Rare.

Pokémon with special effects

One theme you’ll come across fairly often throughout these challenges will be inflicting a specific status effect 3 times in a battle. Here’s a list of all the Pokémon which cause a status effect. Some are pretty hard to come across (particularly Noxious), so make sure you hold on to them!

The list is ordered by wheel size for each status effect – it’s recommended keeping the figures near the top of each status category if you would like more consistency applying it 3 times in a battle.

Figure Status Effect Wheel Size
Koffing Poison 44, 40 (KO)
Weezing Poison 28, 56 (KO)
Weedle Poison 60
Nidoran♂ Poison 24, 28 (KO)
Goomy Poison 32
Frogadier Poison 32
Shroomish Poison 28
Cacnea Poison 28
Ekans Poison 28
Kakuna Poison 28
Tentacruel Poison 56 (KO)(1/2 chance)
Seviper Poison 28 (KO)
Bayleef Poison 20
Bulbasaur Poison 20
Spinarak Poison 16
Butterfree Poison 36 (1/3 chance)
——— ——— ———
Drowzee Sleep 36
Jigglypuff Sleep 36
Snorlax Sleep 36 (self-inflicted too)
Venusaur Sleep 32
Lapras Sleep 32
Poliwag Sleep 28
Leafeon Sleep 28
Ivysaur Sleep 28
Bulbasaur Sleep 24
Bellsprout Sleep 20
Butterfree Sleep 36 (1/3 chance)
——— ——— ———
Electivire Paralyze 32, 48(KO)
Magnemite Paralyze 40
Jolteon Paralyze 40 (KO)
Smoochum Paralyze 36 (KO)
Mareep Paralyze 28
Tentacruel Paralyze 56 (KO)(1/2 chance)
Shroomish Paralyze 24
Pikachu(R) Paralyze 20
Butterfree Paralyze 36 (1/3 chance)
——— ——— ———
Umbreon Noxious 32
Seviper Noxious 24
Drapion Noxious 20
——— ——— ———
Zubat Confused 32
Haunter Confused 32
Spinda Confused 32
Psyduck Confused 32 (KO)
Magmar Confused 28
Smoochum Confused 28
Bronzong Confused 20



If a wheel size has a (KO) after it, that means it is a white move that requires the Pokémon fainting to apply the status effect.