Pokémon Duel Golem



Besides the infinite damage potential and the fact it has a 24% base chance to survive a 120 DMG attack Golem is nothing special.

Use a faster and less tanky Figure rather than this steaming pile of rocks.


Rarity: UC
Movement: 1
Material Cost: 450


Rockwall – This move does 30 damage, so it still has the potential to kill against a low attack or a miss, but it also prevents Golem from dying to any attack below 120 damage (which is most non-purple attacks), making him a solid defender. Also, Rock Blast is too unreliable for killing Pokemon.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
24 Rock Throw White 40
36 Rock Blast White Spin again until Rock Blast does not land – damage is multiplied by the number of Rock Blast spins 60x
24 Rockwall White If the battle opponent’s Attack is below 120 damage, this Pokémon cannot be Knocked out. 30
12 Miss Red

Special ability

No special ability.