Pokémon Duel Ho-Oh



Ho-Oh is often used as a suicide medic, or a suicide paratrooper. His Special Ability forces you to play aggressively and enter into fights you would usually avoid.

High damaging moves, a rather powerful utility of Rainbow Wing and low chance to Miss make Ho-Oh an interesting choice.


Rarity: EX
Movement: 2
Material Cost: 4500


Rainbow Wing – The biggest reason for leveling this up is that it is a 3* purple move, so it only loses to yellow moves. It is also very useful offensive positioning, or even for running back to your goal for a clutch defense.

There is no justification for leveling Fire Blast instead, unless the meta becomes very heavy with yellow attacks.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
32 Gust White 50
28 Fire Blast White 100
24 Rainbow Wing Purple This Pokémon moves 2 steps away ☆☆☆
12 Miss Red

Special ability

Serene Light - When this Pokémon is knocked out, all Pokémon in your P.C. are moved to the bench (this Pokémon excluded).