Pokémon Duel Latios



Be very, very careful with Latios. If he dies, he’s out. Like permanently out of the game you’re currently playing, no Poke Center, nothing. He’s gone.

Except for that little detail, the speed and the damage Latios can perform is… astounding.

Latios and Latias are considered by many to be the best figures in the game, always mentioned in the S+ Tier.


Rarity: EX
Movement: 3
Material Cost: 4500


Dodge – This depends largely on how you want to use Latios. If you are using Latios to hold a flank, or to hop over an enemy with a Plate in order to claim one of your enemy’s entry points, Dodge is the better move to level up.

If you are just trying to have a really strong hitter, you could level up Luster Purge.

Honestly, 99% of the time Dodge is the better choice. Blue moves are best moves.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
12 Dodge Blue
20 Luster Purge White 120
32 Dragon Breath White 70
12 Dodge Blue
4 Miss Red
16 Psychic White 60

Special ability

Hallucination - If this Pokémon is knocked out, it is removed from the duel