Pokémon Duel Ledyba



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Rarity: C
Movement: 2
Material Cost: 250


Double-Edge – This is probably Ledyba’s best move, as it guarantees a KO. However, if you have more than one Ledyba in your deck, Light Screen in combination with Ledyba’s ability Swarm may be a great way to stall.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
24 Tackle White 30
8 Miss Red
16 Double-Edge Purple This Pokémon and the battle opponent are knocked out ☆☆
4 Miss Red
24 Tackle White 30
20 Light Screen Purple ☆☆☆

Special ability

Swarm - Instead of using this Pokémon, you can move a Ledyba next to it (ends your turn)