Pokémon Duel Metagross



Besides the amazing fact it’s spin wheel resembles his legs, Metagross is an interesting Tank in the EX range.

That “yellow safety net” called Bullet Punch has a 20% base chance to stop any special attacker from ruining your day.

It’s slow, it’s powerful and trust us, it can survive more spins than a cockroach.


Rarity: EX
Movement: 1
Material Cost: 4000


1) Dodge – Blue moves are best moves.

2) Hyper Beam – 150 Damage will win most fights that aren’t against purple attacks, so if you are using Metagross more offensively, or you have an extra defender to rely on, it may be better to level up Hyper Beam.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
4 Miss Red
16 Metal Claw White 80
4 Dodge Blue
24 Hyper Beam White If the battle opponent is knocked out, the next turn will always be the other player’s 150
4 Dodge Blue
16 Metal Claw White 80
4 Dodge Blue
20 Bullet Punch Gold 30

Special ability

No special ability.