Pokémon Duel Guide

Pokemon Duel Move Leveling Guide

Originally created, published and curated by tottodyle.

ID 1 – Dialga EX

1) Roar of Time – This is Dialga’s only valuable move, and as such you should only spend points levelling this up.

ID 2 – Tauros

1) Kick Away – This move is useful for holding a flank.

2) Take Down – This move is a solid 80 damage, but with a base wheel size of 24, it can be very unreliable.

ID 3 – Armaldo

1) Protect – Blue moves are best moves.

ID 4 – Charmander

1) Flamethrower – The only reason you’d be using Charmander is to evolve it into Charizard, so Flamethrower is your best bet.

ID 5 – Mightyena

1) Crunch – Highest damage move.

ID 6 – Ekans

1) Spit Poison – Poison is a valuable status condition to inflict on enemy Pokemon.

ID 7 – Bayleef

1) Poison Powder – Poison is a valuable status condition to inflict on enemy Pokemon.

ID 8 – Snubbull

1) Roar – This move is useful in holding a flank.

ID 9 – Plusle

1) Tackle – Highest damage move.

ID 10 – Seedot

1) Explosion – The only reason to use Seedot would be to cheese a Pokemon with explosion, as Bullet Seed is far too unreliable.

ID 11 – Metagross EX

1) Dodge – Blue moves are best moves.

2) Hyper Beam – 150 Damage will win most fights that aren’t against purple attacks, so if you are using Metagross more offensively, or you have an extra defender to rely on, it may be better to level up Hyper Beam.

ID 12 – Sentret

1) Tail Smack – Highest damage move. I don’t think Step Away is a useful move in any scenario other than not dying, but with only 2mp, Sentret’s only hope is to score a kill.

ID 13 – Golem

1) Rockwall – This move does 30 damage, so it still has the potential to kill against a low attack or a miss, but it also prevents Golem from dying to any attack below 120 damage (which is most non-purple attacks), making him a solid defender. Also, Rock Blast is too unreliable for killing Pokemon.

ID 14 – Spinarak

1) Poison Sting – Poison is a valuable status condition to inflict on enemy Pokemon. Also Constrict is only useful for stalling a turn, so unless your team is very mobile and you could use that turn to setup a surround or to push for goal, 36 base wheel size is more than enough.

ID 15 – Aipom

1) Tail Smack – Highest damage move.

ID 16 – Sandshrew

1) Slash – Highest damage move. I don’t think Defense Curl is good at all, as most moves will be above 50 damage, and it auto-loses to purple moves too, so your best bet is to get a cheese kill, or to rely solely on Sandshrew’s Sand Veil ability.

ID 17 – Murkrow

1) Whirlwind – This move makes Murkrow a budget Lugia. It’s only 1*, so it can lose to other purple moves, but it’s still by far Murkrow’s best move.

ID 18 – Caterpie

1) String Wrap – By far Caterpie’s best move. It’s a purple attack, so you won’t die to a white attack or other 1* purple attacks, and reducing the MP of an enemy Pokemon can be very beneficial.

ID 19 – Mudkip

1) Take Down – Highest damage move.

ID 20 – Bidoof

1) Cut – Highest damage move.

ID 21 – Steelix

1) Explosion – This is the only real reason to use Steelix, as it is your best way to kill a valuable enemy Pokemon, and it has one more star than Screech, so it is countered by fewer moves.

ID 22 – Marill

1) Rollout – If you level this up a couple times it becomes your most reliable source of damage.

ID 23 – Raticate

1) Hyper Fang – Highest damage move.

ID 24 – Machop

1) Focus Punch – Highest damage move. I don’t see a reason that you would want to Dodge, so 28 base wheel size should be fine.

ID 25 – Luxray

1) Crunch – Highest damage move, that synergises with his ability Gleam Eyes. Roar is useful too if you’re trying to hold a flank, but there are better Pokemon that fulfil that role.

ID 26 – Poliwag

1) Hypnosis – Sleep is a valuable status condition to inflict on enemy Pokemon, and it’s the only reason I can see to have Poliwag on your team, as there is no Poliwrath or Politoad in the game right now, so you’re not aiming to get a kill and evolve.

ID 27 – Teddiursa

1) Feint Attack – Highest damage move. You don’t want to waste points on Fake Tears, as 24 base wheel size is enough, and an empowered Scratch isn’t going to win many battles anyways.

ID 28 – Tyrogue

1) High Jump Kick – Highest damage move.

ID 29 – Chespin

1) Vine Whip – Highest damage move. Only reason to use Chespin is for the evolution, so you’re trying to land a kill, and Protect becomes less valuable.

ID 30 – Lugia EX

1) Hurricane – One of the strongest moves in the game.

ID 31 – Shinx

1) Spark – Highest damage move. Blind is very underwhelming.

ID 32 – Aron

1) Big Bite – Highest damage move with an interesting effect that KOs Steel Pokemon. Only reason to use Aron is for the evolution, so Protect is less valuable.

ID 33 – Emolga

1) Volt Switch – A very interesting move, that some very smart person in the future may find a way to exploit. Definitely Emolga’s best move regardless.

ID 34 – Doduo

1) Fury Attack – Highest damage move.

ID 35 – Treecko

1) Slam – Highest damage move.

ID 36 – Heracross

1) Overhead Toss – If you’re using Heracross, you’re using him to try and get surround kills with Overhead Toss, as Horn Attack is very underwhelming.

ID 37 – Deino

1) Bite – Highest damage move that may allow you to get an evolve off.

ID 39 – Squirtle

1) Withdraw is Squirtle’s best move if you’re using him by itself in a standard team. However, if you’re using Squirtle in a Manaphy deck with a Blastoise evolution, then you should level up Bubble for the kills.

ID 40 – Meowth

1) Fake Out – This move is really interesting, and is superb for getting surround kills. This is the only reason to use Meowth, so you should only level up this move.

ID 41 – Zubat

1) Supersonic – Confusion is often seen as the worst status condition, but it actually makes enemy Pokemon far more likely to miss, so it can be quite useful. Without any evolutions, there is no reason to use Zubat for his damage.

ID 42 – Ho-Oh EX

1) Rainbow Wing – The biggest reason for levelling this up is that it is a 3* purple move, so it only loses to yellow moves. It is also very useful offensive positioning, or even for running back to your goal for a clutch defence. I can’t really see a justification for levelling Fire Blast instead, unless the meta becomes very heavy with yellow attacks.

ID 43 – Skarmory

1) Fly Away – This move is very useful early on to put immediate pressure on the goal, or later on to secure surround kills – and it’s also 3* so it has priority over most other purple moves. You could make a case for Steel Wing, but I don’t think you put Skarmory on your team for the 80 damage white attack.

ID 44 – Audino

1) Healing Wish – This move is actually super interesting, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it sneak into the meta.

ID 45 – Machamp

1) Submission – Highest damage attack.

ID 46 – Kyogre EX

1) Tidal Wave – This move is really interesting if you put him in a corner, either offensively or defensively. However, in a Manaphy deck I think the best move to level up is Hydro Pump, as a 140 white attack is very powerful, although this will depend on what other Pokemon you are using and how you want to play.

ID 47 – Psyduck

1) Super Psy – This attack, in combination with his ability Migraine, allows Psyduck to either guarantee a kill, or to be knocked out and apply confusion. By far his most useful move.

ID 48 – Spinda

1) Teeter Dance – An AoE confusion can be very impactful if used in the centre – just make sure you keep your other Pokemon away from the dance floor!

ID 49 – Shroomish

1) Stun Spore or Poison Powder – Both moves are very useful, but this just comes down to personal preference, both with how your team is structured, and what enemy attacks are giving you trouble. If your Pokemon attacks are weaker than average, then poison is more useful, but if you have a strong attacking team, the paralysis becomes more useful.

ID 50 – Charizard EX

1) Fire Spin – Charizard’s best attack, and the only reason you’d put him on your team.

ID 51 – Wobbuffet

1) Counter – you want to make Counter as big as possible, and Miss as small as possible to get the most out of Wobbuffet.

ID 52 – Pikachu

1) Thunderbolt – Highest damage attack.

ID 53 – Palkia EX

1) Spacial Rend – Highest damage attack with a good bonus effect.

ID 54 – Cacnea

1) Pin Missile – Because Pin Missile already has 64 base wheel size, it is counter intuitive to level up Poison Sting, even though Poison Sting is more useful. So if you’re using Cacnea, make sure you’ve prayed to the RNG Gods first!

ID 55 – Froakie

1) Dodge – This move is the best to level up by itself. However, if you’re using Froakie on a Manaphy team, or with the aim of evolving him into Greninja, then you should level up Bubble instead.

ID 56 – Dratini

1) Push Aside – This move is seriously good, so you should invest as much as possible into it.

ID 57 – Eevee

1) Tackle – Highest damage move. Because Eevee has 2 dodges and a miss, it does not seem worthwhile to invest in Focus Energy, so you shouldn’t rely on it, but instead treat it as a lucky bonus.

ID 58 – Minun

1) Tackle – Highest damage move.

ID 59 – Pinsir

1) Guillotine – This OHKO will make your opponent salty, and they may even rage quit. Definitely level this up as much as possible.

ID 60 – Feraligatr EX

1) Wash Away – This move is great for holding a flank. You can justify Hydro Pump if Feraligatr is the strongest Pokemon on your team, but there are stronger hitters to choose from if you’re looking for a reliable 100+ damage white attack.

ID 61 – Bagon

1) Headbutt – Highest damage move.

ID 62 – Kabuto

1) Protect – As there is no Kabutops in the game currently, there is no real reason you’d want to land on Scratch. In combination with the ability Battle Armor, Kabuto is great for stalling and holding a position, whether that’s a flank, a centre corner, or even your goal.

ID 63 – Geodude

1) Self-Destruct – This is Geodude’s best move, as it can kill one of the enemy’s strongest Pokemon, given that it is a 3* purple attack. If, however, you’re goal is to evolve Geodude, then you should level up Rollout instead.

ID 64 – Bulbasaur

1) Sleep Powder or Poison Powder – This is very situational, depending on how your deck is built, and what you need. Sleep is better for stalling and trapping, but poison is useful for neutralising big hitters. Alternatively if you’re trying to evolve Bulbasaur, you can level up Vine Whip.

ID 65 – Magnemite

1) Thunder Wave – The only reason to use Magnemite without a Magneton is for the paralysis.

ID 66 – Fennekin

1) Ember – Highest damage attack.

ID 67 – Darkrai EX

1) Dark Leave – This move is great for holding a flank. Alternatively, if used in a Yveltal deck, you could level up Dark Pulse instead.

ID 68 – Absol

1) Double-Edge – This move allows Absol to be a great suicide bomber for dealing with threats like Latios/Latias etc. However, if used in a Yveltal deck, you could maybe justify Razor Wind instead, but even then I would prefer the guaranteed Double-Edge KO.

ID 69 – Drowzee

1) Hypnosis – By far Drowzee’s best attack.

ID 70 – Salamance

1) Dragon Breath – Personally, I levelled up Dragon Breath on my Salamances, as with a base wheel size of 64, it gives Salamance a very reliable 70 damage attack that is great for holding centre, and allows it to deal with yellow attacks 3/4s of the time. However, depending on your deck composition and aims, you could certainly also justify Fly Away, as it is a very useful move, especially because it is a 3* purple attack.

ID 71 – Mareep

1) Thunder Wave – Without any evolutions, the only reason to use Mareep is for the paralysis.

ID 72 – Exeggcute

1) Barrage – Highest damage attack.

ID 73 – Scyther

1) Swords Dance – If you level up Scyther enough he will not miss. As such, Swords Dance becomes very valuable, given that Slash already has a higher Base Wheel Size than False Swipe. You may, however, be justified in using 1 or 2 of your level ups on Slash to increase the odds of a 100 damage attack.

ID 74 – Goomy

1) Slippery Swap – This move is one of my favourite 2* purple attacks, as you can use it to secure surround kills, or even to cheese a win by hitting the enemy goal defender.

ID 75 – Smoochum

1) Lick – Because status conditions do not stack, Lick becomes the most valuable attack to level up, as you can KO against misses, and when knocked out the enemy is paralysed.

ID 76 – Spearow

1) Fly Away – Because there is no Fearow in the game, there is no incentive to try and get a kill with Spearow. Also, as I have stated before, Fly Away is one of the best purple attacks in the game, and the only reason why you would put Spearow in your deck.

ID 77 – Gabite

1) Dragon Claw – Because of Sand Veil, you get to choose any fights you take with Gabite. However, if your enemy threatens a surround kill, or if you want to knock out something like a Shuppet, you need a reliable 70 damage white attack to fall back on.

ID 78 – Dedenne

1) Nuzzle – The only useful thing about Dedenne is that you can paralyse the enemy when you die. Great.

ID 79 – Hawlucha

1) Press – This, in combination with Hawlucha’s ability High Flying, makes for a really interesting combo that can set up for some unexpected kills. It is also the only reason you would use Hawlucha, so max it out and unleash the cheese.

ID 80 – Groudon EX

1) Hammer – Highest damage attack.

ID 81 – Nidoran (male)

1) Poison Sting – Without any evolutions, Poison Sting becomes the most useful move, as there is no incentive to look for kills.

ID 82 – Fletchling

1) Acrobatics – Highest damage attack with an interesting effect.

ID 83 – Espurr

1) Psychic Power – A great move, and certainly the only reason to use Espurr.

ID 84 – Beedrill

1) Twineedle – This seems pretty self-explanatory.

ID 85 – Ledyba

1) Double-Edge – This is probably Ledyba’s best move, as it guarantees a KO. However, if you have more than one Ledyba in your deck, Light Screen in combination with Ledyba’s ability Swarm may be a great way to stall.

ID 86 – Rhyhorn

1) Hyper Take Down – This move is amazing; you can use it to make up for Rhyhorn’s low MP when pushing up, and if you kill the enemy goal defender with this move, you instantly win.

ID 87 – Torchic

1) Ember – Highest damage move.

ID 88 – Mankey

1) Tease – While Thrash does a solid 50 damage, without a Primeape to evolve into, Tease becomes very valuable, particularly because of Mankey’s 3MP.

ID 89 – Zangoose

1) Crush Claw – Because Zangoose has a 20 Dodge, you shouldn’t rely on Swords Dance. Therefore you really want to increase the chance of hitting the enemy with a 90 damage white attack.

ID 90 – Weedle

1) Poison Sting – Weedle’s only good move. Alternatively, if you’re crazy and trying to evolve Weedle, you can level up Tackle and pray.

ID 91 – Drapion

1) Toxic – This move is great, as Noxious is probably the best status condition in the game. In combination with Drapion’s ability Battle Armor, Drapion is a very solid Pokemon.

ID 93 – Venusaur EX

1) Solar Beam – Highest damage attack. Sleep Powder is useful, but ultimately it would be better to just kill the enemy.

ID 94 – Seviper

1) Toxic Fluid – As Noxious is probably the best status condition in the game, you should definitely prioritise this move over the other moves.

ID 95 – Piplup

1) Bubble Beam – Highest damage move.

ID 96 – Mewtwo EX

1) Psychic Shove – This move is the only reason why Mewtwo isn’t a B tier EX, so you want it to hit as often as possible as a way to hold the flank.

ID 97 – Weezing

1) Sludge Bomb – AoE poison is best poison. Keep your Pokemon away from Weezing, however, unless you want to give yourself a huge disadvantage for the BM.

ID 98 – Goodra

1) Muddy Water – This move is great for holding a flank, and the biggest reason to choose Goodra.

ID 99 – Girafarig

1) Magic Coat – This move is really interesting, and makes Girafarig a really cool tech choice for teams if the meta develops into decks that use a lot of markers or special conditions. Regardless, it is a 3* purple attack , so it is great for stalling.

ID 100 – Butterfree

1) Startling Powder – Roll your dice on a status condition. This move is better than Psybeam as 40 damage isn’t great, and neither is the confuse landing after being KO’d.

ID 101 – Blastoise EX

1) Hydro Pump or Mirror Coat – Honestly both of these moves are great. If you’re using Blastoise as an offensive hitter in a Manaphy deck, then you probably want to level up Hydro Pump. If you’re using Blastoise as a defender, then Mirror Coat is what you’d want to level up.

ID 102 – Lapras

1) Sing or Dodge – The reason you’re using Lapras is for the sleep. Alternatively you can level up Dodge if you are wanting stall the game out or you have high mobility Pokemon to set up surround kills.

ID 103 – Staraptor

1) Fly Away – This is Staraptor’s best move by far, and the only reason you would want to put Staraptor in your deck.

ID 104 – Pikachu (R)

1) Quick Attack – If you don’t have Raikou, Pikachu (R) is one of the most reliable yellow attack users, and this move can also be used to set up an evolution. If, however, you are using Pikachu (R) for the paralysis without a Raichu, then you might be able to justify levelling up Thunder Wave. Unfortunately Thunder only has 12 base wheel size, so even after levelling up, it is too unreliable to bet on.

ID 106 – Bronzong

1) Extrasensory – While Bronzong isn’t the greatest of Pokemon, if you were to use him you’d be doing it for his 80 damage white attack. It’s not the worst thing in the world landing on either Confuse Ray or Iron Defense, but if you land on confusion you’re probably toast, so you want to ensure that you’re twice as likely to land on the useful white attack.

ID 107 – Sneasel

1) Fake Out or Quick Attack – Fake Out is one of the best 3* purple attacks in the game. You could also, however, justify levelling up Quick Attack if you need a gold attack in your team, although there are better Pokemon to choose from for this.

ID 108 – Carvanha

1) Scary Face – This is Carvanha’s best attack. If, however, you are using more than one Carvanha on your team, it is better to level up Bite.

ID 109 – Turtwig

1) Withdraw or Bite – Blue attack is best attack. If, however, you are trying to evolve Turtwig, you should level up Bite.

ID 110 – Mew EX

1) Hyper Sonic – The biggest reason you would want to put Mew in your deck is for the reliable gold attack.

ID 111 – Taillow

1) Quick Attack – Highest damage attack, that also happens to be gold.

ID 112 – Rayquaza EX

1) Extreme Speed – By far Rayquaza’s best attack, and the strongest gold attack in the game. While Fly is very useful in certain situations, Extreme Speed is, in my opinion, the best attack in the game, and as such you should only level this up.

ID 114 – Tropius

1) Solar Beam or Whirlwind – This definitely depends on your deck and how you want to use Tropius, as both moves are valuable. If in doubt though, level up Solar Beam.

ID 116 – Rattata

1) Quick Attack – Highest damage attack, that also happens to be gold.

ID 117 – Electabuzz

1) Quick Attack – A useful gold attack that can also be buffed by Electabuzz’s special ability Connection. Thunder Punch isn’t going to KO much that Quick Attack won’t, so you should waste your points levelling it up.

ID 118 – Tyranitar

1) Earthquake – 110 attack that can kill multiple Pokemon? Yes please. Fair warning though, this attack can also kill your own Pokemon, so be careful how you build your deck when using Tyranitar.

ID 119 – Zygarde EX

1) Extreme Speed – This is a solid 50 damage gold attack. However, if you build a deck that doesn’t have Pokemon with misses, Zygarde’s Land’s Wrath move becomes extremely valuable, and you should level that up instead.

ID 120 – Tentacruel

1) Tentacle Sting – This move is a solid 80 damage attack that can also inflict a status condition if Tentacruel is KO’d. It also already has 56 base wheel size, so you become very likely to land on it with a couple of extra levels.

ID 121 – Snorlax EX

1) Body Slam – Although Big Yawn is a very good move for defending with, it is only a 1* purple attack that is beaten by most other purples and all gold attacks. Because of this, it is more valuable to level up the 100 damage white attack.

ID 122 – Bellsprout

1) Sweet Scent – A very interesting move for displacing the enemy’s Pokemon, and the only thing that can budge a Snorlax. This is the only real reason you would use Bellsprout, so you want to make it as likely to hit as possible.

ID 123 – Voltorb

1) Explosion – With 3MP, Voltorb is a very useful suicide bomber. His other moves are all terrible, however.

ID 124 – Xatu

1) Teleport – Teleport is a really cool way to cheese the opponent given that it is a 3* purple attack, especially since Xatu only has 1MP. This move is the only reason you would want to use Xatu, so level it up as much as possible.

ID 125 – Chimchar

1) Fury Swipes – Highest damage attack. Because it is a multiplier, it would be counter-intuitive to level up Taunt, especially since the only reason to use Chimchar is to evolve it.

ID 126 – Banette

1) Curse – The reason you use Banette is for its Infiltrator ability, so if you do end up getting into a battle, you want to rely on its purple attack rather than a weak white attack. It turns out, however, that is purple attack is also really good though, as when you kill a Pokemon with a Curse Marker, they are knocked out of the game!

ID 127 – Slaking

1) Hammer Arm – Highest damage attack, and the only good move that he has as far as I can see.

ID 128 – Haunter

1) Eerie Light or Dodge – Another Infiltrator Pokemon, so if you get into a battle you want to rely on a purple attack rather than a very weak white one. You could also justify Dodge, as blue attack is best attack, but this this only buys you another turn and doesn’t inflict the confusion. If you level up Dodge, however, Night Shade will have the highest base wheel size, and so you will land on it more than 1/3 times.

ID 129 – Larvitar

1) Crunch – Highest damage attack, and useful for securing an evolution.

ID 130 – Keldeo EX

1) Hydro Kick – Great effect which makes Hydro Kick Keldeo’s best attack, eve

ID 131 – Giratina EX

1) Shadow Claw – Highest damage attack, and the only real reason to put Giratina in your deck, other than his interesting Shadow ability.

ID 132 – Hariyama

1) Push Away – A great 2* purple attack that you can use to push up the field, or even to insta-win if you attack the enemy goal defender.

ID 133 – Diglett

1) Dig – Without a Dugtrio to evolve into, Dig is Diglett’s only useful move.

ID 134 – Corphish

1) Taunt – Without a Crawdaunt to evolve into, there is no reason to try and use Corphish to kill the enemy Pokemon, making Taunt Corphish’s most useful move.

ID 135 – Jigglypuff

1) Sing – An AoE sleep is Jigglypuff’s best attack, because otherwise you’re only relying on a best-case-scenario 70 damage white attack. Can be really clutch in a corner, just make sure to keep your own Pokemon away.

ID 136 – Mawile

1) Trickery – This attack guarantees the 70 damage Bite, and because its wheel size is already 28, it makes more sense to level up Trickery than Bite.

ID 137 – Cyndaquil

1) Ember – This is Cyndaquil’s most powerful attack as long as you already have 1 or more Pokemon in the PC.

ID 138 – Xerneas EX

1) Fairy Mist or Moonblast – If you have 1 or more other Fairy Pokemon in your deck, Fairy Mist is the best attack to level up. If, however, this is your only Fairy Pokemon, Moonblast is the best to level up. It is not worth levelling up Geomancy because of the 2 Miss and 2 Dodge moves, and also by levelling up Moonblast you will be more likely to hit for 120 if you do end up landing on Geomancy first spin.

ID 139 – Yveltal EX

1) Oblivion Wing or Dark Mist – If in doubt, level up Oblivion win, as it is a solid 100 damage with a base wheel size of 44. If, however, you are running a deck with a lot of Dark Pokemon, you should level up Dark Mist. While Draining Wind is a very powerful 3* purple attack, it would only be worth levelling up if you built a deck that capitalises well on displacement moves, and even then it is hard to rely on a move with 20 base wheel size. It’s still a valid option, however, as Yveltal is one of the rare Pokemon that doesn’t have a bad move, other than his 3 misses.

ID 142 – Chesnaught EX

1) Spiky Shield – As a 2* purple attack, Spiky Shield is what makes Chesnaught such a good goal defender, so you want to level it up as much as possible.

ID 144 – Lairon

1) Take Down – Highest damage attack, that can trigger an evolution. I see no reason to level protect, as there are better protecters than Lairon to choose from, and ideally you want to be evolving him.

ID 147 – Gible

1) Slash – Highest damage attack.

ID 149 – Quilladin

1) Needle Arm or Mud Shot – Highest damage attack with a useful effect, that gives Quilladin the best chance to evolve. You could also make a good case for Mud Shot, however, as it has a higher base wheel size, and the effect is arguably better, although a bit more niche. It is also only 10 less damage, which for the most part won’t be the difference between killing an enemy Pokemon or not. Protect isn’t very useful to level up because the aim for Quilladin is ultimately to evolve him.

ID 150 – Graveler

1) Rollout – Highest damage attack that has a multiplier, making it counter-intuitive to level up Landslide. Furthermore, the reason you would use Graveler is to evolve it into Golem, so levelling a non-damaging attack is also counter-intuitive.

ID 152 – Koffing

1) Smog – You get to poison the enemy without dying. Yay!

ID 153 – Gastly

1) Destiny Bond – This move is the shit. Put all the points into it!

ID 156 – Shelgon

1) Flamethrower – Highest damage attack with a great effect. As you’re trying to evolve Shelgon into Salamance, this is your only real option.

ID 159 – Pichu

1) Thundershock – Highest damage attack that lets you evolve Pichu (which you want to do ASAP).

ID 160 – Monferno

1) Aerial Attack – Highest damage attack with a great effect. As you’re trying to evolve Monferno into Infernape, this is your only real option.

ID 161 – Grotle

1) Bite or Protect – If you have a Torterra to evolve into, then level up Bite. If you’re just using Grotle by itself for its Foundation ability, then level up Protect.

ID 162 – Wartortle

1) Rapid Spin – It’s a tough decision between Rapid Spin and Water Gun, but in order to evolve into Blastoise I think your best chance is by levelling up Rapid Spin. Because Rapid Spin is a multiplier attack, it is counter-intuitive to level up Water Gun, and if you evolved Wartortle from Squirtle, you only have to land 2 in a row for it to hit for more damage than Water Gun, and without evolving from Squirtle, it does equal damage after 2 in a row.

ID 164 – Frogadier

1) Toxic Spikes or Water Gun – If you are planning on evolving Frogadier, level up Water Gun. If you don’t have Greninja, then level up Toxic Spikes.

ID 166 – Prinplup

1) Hydro Pump – Highest damage attack.

ID 170 – Greninja EX

1) Water Shuriken – This is his best attack, and because it is a multiplier, it is counter-intuitive to level up any other attack.

ID 171 – Electivire EX

1) Electric Blast – This move is amazing, especially because of Electivire’s ability Ace, as you can paralyse up to 3 of your opponent’s Pokemon with one attack. And if you evolved Electivire from Electabuzz, which I would recommend you do, it becomes a 3* purple attack.

ID 176 – Sylveon

1) Moonblast or Round – If you have more than one Pokemon in your deck with Round, then level up Round. Otherwise, level up Moonblast.

ID 177 – Pupitar

1) Thrash – The only reason to use Pupitar is to evolve it into Tyranitar, so you want to use the highest damage attack. If you get a kill the self-confusion also becomes meaningless as it doesn’t transfer over to Tyranitar.

ID 179 – Leafeon

1) Grass Whistle or Dodge – You’re not trying to use Leafeon to get any kills, so Grass Whistle is probably the best move to level up. You could make a good argument for Dodge however, if you have other sleepers in your deck, given that Grass Whistle is only a 1* purple attack that loses to gold attacks and most other purple attacks.

ID 180 – Croconaw

1) Bite – The reason to use Croconaw is to evolve it into Feraligatr, so you should only level up its highest damage attack.

ID 187 – Vaporeon

1) Water Slide – Water Slide is a seriously good purple move, even though it only has 1 star. You can use it defensively to hold a flank, or you can even use if offensively to push an enemy Pokemon off their goal.

ID 188 – Jolteon

1) Quick Attack – While Thunder Jolt is nice for applying paralysis to enemy Pokemon, it doesn’t synergise with Jolteon’s ability Thunder Rush if Jolteon is dead. Therefore it is best to build a deck that has other means of paralysis, and use Jolteon to storm past the enemy and use Quick Attack to kill Pokemon that rely heavily on purple moves.

ID 190 – Garchomp EX

1) Dragon Rush – This is the highest damage move. It doesn’t help to level up Double Flight that much as after using Double Flight you still want to land on Dragon Rush, and also the enemy can exploit Double Flight by setting up a surround trap before attack.

ID 191 – Empoleon EX

1) Aqua Jet – Empoleon is one of the weakest EX Pokemon once it hits the field, and is only really useful because of the entry point control provided by its ability Diving Entry. Once on the field, however, it is best to rely on a 30 damage gold attack over a 70 damage white attack, as most Pokemon will be using either purple attacks, or white attacks that are equal to or higher than 70.

ID 199 – Ivysaur

1) Razor Leaf – Highest damage attack in order to evolve into Venusaur. If you don’t have Venusaur, and you’re only using Ivysaur as a sleeper, then feel free to level up Sleep Powder.

ID 201 – Natu

1) Teleport or Quick Attack – The reason to put Natu into your deck is Teleport, one of the cheesiest moves in the game. If, however, you also have a Xatu, and are trying to get off the evolution, I would recommend levelling up Quick Attack instead.

ID 202 – Raichu

1) Thunder – Highest damage attack.

ID 203 – Lucario EX

1) Aura Sphere – This OHKO is Lucario’s best move, and the biggest reason why he is in your deck. His other options are sub-par, unless you are using him to stall a flank, in which Case you might be able to justify levelling up Dodge, given that it already has a base wheel size of 24, and Aura Sphere is only a 1* purple attack. If in doubt though, Aura Sphere is definitely what you should level up.

ID 205 – Kakuna

1) Hard Shell or Poison Sting – If you ever find yourself using Kakuna, then you are either using it by itself, in which case you should level up Hard Shell, or you are using it with a Beedrill, in which case you should level up Poison Sting, as you only have to survive an attack in order to evolve, thanks to Kakuna’s ability Metamorphosis.

ID 207 – Aggron EX

1) Protect – Blue attack is best attack. Counter is also very strong, but it may be less valuable against certain Pokemon, so it is almost always more valuable to Protect and then evaluate your options to either set up a surround or re-attack if you feel confident that you can KO the enemy.

ID 208 – Infernape EX

1) Drive Kick or Mach Punch – Mach Punch is a solid gold attack with 28 base wheel size, particularly if you have evolved Infernape previously. However, if you already have a Pokemon on your team with a gold attack, or are using Infernape very offensively, then it is better to level up Drive Kick, as this can allow Infernape to move forward very rapidly, and can even insta-win the game for you if you kill the enemy goal defender with it.

ID 209 – Totodile

1) Water Gun – Because of Totodile’s ability Bite Instinct, and the fact that you want to evolve Totodile as fast as possible, your best bet is levelling the highest damage attack.

ID 211 – Gardevoir EX

1) Wave Hole – This move is one of the best 2* purple attacks in the game, and as such you should only level this attack up.

ID 213 – Nuzleaf

1) Torment – This move is actually pretty cool against pokemon that have an over 50% wheel size attack. You only want to hit Feint Attack after landing on Torment first, so you should only level up Torment as Feint Attack already has a 56 base wheel size.

ID 214 – Shiftry

1) Fan Away – This move is a very strong 2* purple attack that synergises well with its ability Cut Off, making Shiftry a very good offensive defender to use on a flank.

ID 215 – Kirlia

1) Psycho Switch – One of the best 2* purple attacks in the game. This one is a no-brainer.

ID 221 – Slakoth

1) Big Yawn or Scratch – If you are planning to evolve Slakoth, then level up scratch. If not, Big Yawn is the way to go.

ID 223 – Glaceon

1) Diamond Dust – Although Glaceon’s Dodge is solid, Diamond Dust is still the biggest reason to put it in your deck, and so it should be levelled up as much as possible.

ID 225 – Weavile

1) Ice Shard – With more than one Weavile in your deck, thanks to its ability Team Play, Ice Shard becomes one of the best gold attacks in the game. Weavile’s other moves are also pretty weak, so this is quite an easy decision.

ID 226 – Manaphy EX

1) Manaphy’s Song – This 2* purple attack is a really interesting friendly displacement that can lead to interesting plays. While for the most part Manaphy shouldn’t be fighting much if you can help it, it is best to rely on this 2* purple attack over a Bubble or a Dodge with only 4 base wheel size.

ID 230 – Torterra EX

1) Withdraw – Due to its ability Cornerstone, Withdraw becomes Torterra’s best move, as you want to keep him on your entry point for as long as possible. If, however, you build a deck around Pokemon that do not miss, Earthquake becomes very valuable and you should level this up instead.

ID 233 – Raikou EX

1) Thunderous Blow – This gold move is OP, with a base wheel size of 24, making Raikou a very potent killer. It is also Raikou’s highest damage attack, regardless of it being gold, so there is no better option.

ID 234 – Latios EX

1) Dodge – This depends largely on how you want to use Latios. If you are using Latios to hold a flank, or to hop over an enemy with a Plate in order to claim one of your enemy’s entry points, Dodge is the better move to level up. If, however, you are just trying to have a really strong hitter, you could level up Luster Purge. I myself have 2 Latios, and have levelled up dodge on both, and I think that 99% of the time, levelling up Dodge is the better choice. Blue moves are best moves.

ID 235 – Genesect EX

1) Techno Charge – I wanted to say Techno Blast, but because this is a 3* purple attack, there isn’t much of an argument to be made. Not only will you not die if you land on Techno Charge, except against gold attacks, but your next battle will also have a 40% chance of doing 100 damage, which in combination with one of his Tech Plates, can remove an enemy Pokemon from the game.

ID 237 – Latias EX

1) Fly Away – The biggest reason for using Latias is to cheese for an early win by storming a flank, or to hold an entry point. Because of this, Fly Away is the best move to level up. If all you want is a heavy hitter though, you could level up Mist Ball instead.

ID 238 – Vigoroth

1) Fury Swipes – As a multiplier attack, it is counter-intuitive to level up anything other than this.

ID 239 – Sliggoo

1) Dragon Breath or Slippery Swap – If you are trying to evolve Sliggoo, you want to level up Dragonbreath. If you are just using Sliggoo without the evolution, however, Slippery Swap is an amazing 2* purple attack.

ID 245 – Quilava

1) Flamethrower – The only reason to use Quilava is to evolve it, so you want to level up the highest damage move.

ID 246 – Braixen

1) Flamethrower – The only reason to use Braixen is to evolve it, so you want to level up the highest damage move.

ID 248 – Flareon

1) Flamethrower – Although blue move is usually best move, because of Focus Energy, it is counter intuitive to level up Dodge. Therefore, Flamethrower is the best move to level up.

ID 250 – Magmar

1) Fire Punch – The only reason to use Magmar is to evolve him into Magmortar, so you want to level up the highest damage move, even though Confuse Ray is nice.

ID 251 – Shuppet

1) Will-o-Wisp – Shuppet has terrible attacks, and you want to avoid battles. However, his best move if attacked is Will-o-Wisp, so you definitely should level it up as much as you can.

ID 253 – Delphox EX

1) Hyperspace Hole – This 2* purple attack is great for holding a flank, especially if you evolved Delphox.

ID 255 – Charmeleon

1) Iron Tail – Although the burn from his 2* purple attack is great, you really want to get the evolution into Charizard, so you should level up its highest damage attack.

ID 256 – Umbreon

1) Toxic – Noxious is probably the best status condition, so Toxic is the best move to level up, even though the Dodge is tempting. If you have multiple status inflictors in your deck, you could level up Dodge instead, but I think it makes more sense to have Umbreon as your only status inflictor, and put all your points into Toxic.

ID 258 – Typhlosion EX

1) Hot Air or Fire Blast – The AoE burn can be very useful, and is, in most cases, more valuable than the 90 damage white attack. However, if you have more than one status inflictor in your deck, it is probably better to level up Fire Blast.

ID 262 – Magmortar EX

1) Flame Gun – This is one of the best moves in the game, unless you accidentally kill one of your own Latios with it *cough cough*. Magmortar’s other moves are subpar so this is your best and only option. Just be careful how you position your other Pokemon…

ID 264 – Hydreigon

1) Draco Meteor – Although it is only a 1* purple attack, this move is actually very interesting for taking out an enemy’s big threat. With sub-par white attacks, this is definitely your best choice.

ID 265 – Trapinch

1) Protect – Due it its ability Arena Trap, you want to set up Trapinch in an enemy corner, and then keep him there for as long as possible, which makes Protect the optimal move. Remember kids, blue move is best move.

ID 266 – Zweilous

1) Bite – This move synergises with its ability Band Attack, and allows Zweilous to evolve, which is what you’re aiming for.

ID 268 – Riolu

1) Shockwave – Highest damage attack with a great effect; even if you’re not trying to level up Riolu, this is the best move to level up.

ID 273 – Floatzel

1) Aqua Jet – It’s a weak gold attack, but a gold attack nonetheless, making it your best option for levelling up.

ID 312 – Druddigon

1) Dragon Tail – One of the best white attack effects in the game, you should definitely level this up.