Pokémon Duel Guide

Pokémon Duel Tier List

This page shows the latest Pokémon Duel tier list, sorted by strength of figures. The description for each figure is on the bottom of the page. Credits for initial exploration go to members of /r/PokemonDuel.

Tier List
S+ Tier
Latios and Latias S+ Tier
Ho-Oh S+ Tier
Yveltal S+ Tier
Gardevoir S+ Tier
Lugia S+ Tier
Rayquaza S+ Tier
Genesect S+ Tier
S Tier
Salamence S Tier
Wobbuffet S Tier
Zygarde S Tier
Lucario S Tier
Magmortar S Tier
Garchomp S Tier
Xerneas S Tier
Delphox S Tier
Greninja S Tier
Mewtwo S Tier
A Tier
Manaphy A Tier
Keldeo A Tier
Kyogre A Tier
Charizard A Tier