Pokémon Duel Seedot



Bow to your Common seed overlord, or Seedot the Lucky as we like to call him. Imagine a figure that can do infinite damage. Imagine a figure that can infuriate both you and your opponent at the same time. You just imagined Seedot.

With Bullet Seed’s incredible damage potential, Explosion as a game changer and a absurdly low Miss chance, this Figure is the low tier king of madness.

Do play. Do get angry. Do Seedot.


Rarity: C
Movement: 2
Material Cost: 250


Explosion – The only reason to use Seedot would be to cheese a Pokemon with explosion, as Bullet Seed is far too unreliable.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
24 Tackle White 10
28 Explosion Purple This Pokémon and all neighbour Pokémon faint ☆☆
40 Bullet Seed White Spin again until Bullet Seed does not land – damage is multiplied by the number of Bullet Seed spins 20x
4 Miss Red

Special ability

No special ability.