Pokémon Duel Torterra



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Rarity: EX
Movement: 1
Material Cost: 4000


Withdraw – Due to its ability Cornerstone, Withdraw becomes Torterra’s best move, as you want to keep him on your entry point for as long as possible. If, however, you build a deck around Pokemon that do not miss, Earthquake becomes very valuable and you should level this up instead.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
28 Bite White 60
4 Miss Red
28 Earthquake White All Pokémon on the field will spin their wheel. If is Misses, the Pokémon is sent to the PC 9
4 Miss Red
28 Withdraw Blue This Pokémon gains Wait
4 Miss Red

Special ability

Cornerstone - Other Pokémon can move over this Pokémon when using an MP move