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Pokemon GO Events guide

Details on all of the Pokemon GO specials and events: dates, rewards, tips and tricks, guides, updated as new events are introduced.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event 🎄🎅 ❄️ ☃

Runs from from December 25 through January 8

Christmas is the special time of year! Collect your free incubators and hatch those Gen 2 Pokemon!

Phase 1: Beginning Dec 25th through Jan 3rd:

  1. Increased odds of hatching Gen 2 Pokemon from eggs!
  2. PokéStops will award one single-use Incubator each day after your first Photo Disc spin.

Phase 2: Beginning Dec 30th through Jan 8:

  1. Lures will last 60 minutes!
  2. Increased spawns of Gen 1 starter families!

Pokemon GO Halloween Event 🎃 🍬 🍭

From October 26 through November 01

Dip into the scary world of Halloween with this spooky event. Increased spawn rates on scary Pokemon and increased Candy drops are the theme. Trick-or-treat away with your buddy, as he gains more candy also!

Event starts on 00:00 (UTC time) October 26 and ends on 00:00 (UTC time) November 01.

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🎃 Increased Spawns


Bonus Amount Increase
Buddy Candy 4 Candy 4x
Transferring Pokemon 2 Candy 2x
Catching Pokemon 6 Candy 2x
Hatching Eggs Depends on hatch 2x


Tips and quick strategy

  • Stock up on PokeBalls and don’t transfer prior to the event start
  • Stock up on Eggs and save Coins for incubators. Incubators are the most useful items during Halloween event
  • Due to big Candy bonus when you hatch an egg, get ready and start walking
  • Take advantage of 4x Buddy Candies by swapping to 5km Pokemon like Snorlax or Lapras
  • Get your Shoulder Pikachu easy