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Pokemon GO Trading Calculator, last updated on 17.08.2016. Check the trade value of your Pokemon fast and easy.

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Pidgey Coins, a Pokemon GO Trading Currency

All results are expressed in Pidgey Coins, a fictional Pokemon GO Trading currency used to express the market value of a Pokemon. Pidgey Coins are calculated using the following formula:

CEIL (ROUND( CP/MaxCP * AvgIV * Rarity * CaptureRate * StatProportions  * 0.45))

The formula uses all of the relevant stats to calculate the market value of a Pokemon. If you are unfamiliar with IV values, read more about it here. StatProportions express the strength of species in comparison with a Stat Baseline.

As there is no formula for human emotions, Pidgey Coins will never be a perfect currency. If your favorite Pokemon is undervalued, don’t be sad – in your heart, it will always be the best one.

Pidgey Coins were created to make Pokemon GO Trading fair and simple and to reduce potential scams between players. Calculate the worth of the trade before it’s made and make sure you’re not getting scammed.

Hey, what’s up with EUR and USD values?

We are still developing this feature, but we are on a quest do develop a solid conversion mechanism from Pidgey Coins to euros and dollars, in order for players to easily estimate the monetary value of their Pokemon. This is completely optional, not official and still very interesting. We do not promote or endorse trading real life money for in game services and items.

Stay safe!