Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Sun and Moon Tips and Tricks

Various Tips and Tricks to get you started with Pokémon Sun and Moon and make the general game play easier. Some of these tips include spoilers, but not heavy spoilers.

We have a variety of other charts to help you get info faster:

Pokémon Location and Evolution Methods

  • Evolution criteria for new Pokemon
  • Crawbrawler can be found hiding among the fallen berries beneath Berry Trees.
  • Rockruff can be found on Ten Carat Hill, Melemele Island, go to the right and all the way down to find a secluded patch of grass.
  • Mareanie is at Kala’e Bay, Melemele Island. Requires Fishing Rod, try SOS fights instead of simply fishing for it.

Sun and Moon NPC Locations

  • Name Rater can be found at Heahea City’s Alola tourist boureau, Akala Island
  • Pledge Tutor can be found at Hau’oli’s Shopping Mall, Melemele Island
  • Keldeo & Moloetta Tutor can be found at Hano Grand Hotel, Akala Island
  • NPC to change PokeBall throw styles can be found at Ula’ula Island, near Recycling Plant
    • To Learn new ones, defeat each trial captain in their houses after beating the respective Island’s Kahuna
      • Illima’s house is in Hau’oli city, the house south-west the second PokeCenter, the house with a pool
      • Lana’s house is in Konikoni City, top left
      • Mallow’s house is in Konikoni City, in front of the PokeCenter

Sun and Moon Nerfs

  • Confusion chance lowered to 33%, from 50%.
  • Paralyze now only cuts speed by 1/2, lowered from 3/4.
  • Burn only deals 6% damage, lowered from 12%.
  • Gale Wing now only gives priority if the user is at Max Health.