The Forgotten Pokémon Favourites: Part 12

I’m back again to share some of those underappreciated and often neglected favourite Pokémon you love! We’re onto part 12, we’ve featured a huge range of different Pokémon, and still every time we share a new part people have their own favourites to recommend. Don’t forget to comment your own faves that you think are under loved!


Regular Lilligant Shiny Lilligant


Lilligant is a really pretty Pokémon, that just doesn’t seem to get the love other pretty and cute Grass types do! I think they are really photogenic and deserve more love, especially from the AR community. So many cutesy Pokémon have a huge fan base, but Lilligant doesn’t seem to have the same fierce fanbase. They deserve more!


Regular Spinarak Shiny Spinarak


Spinarak has been getting a little more love lately thanks to the shiny being released for Halloween 2021, but it still is such an underappreciated cutie! The shiny is absolutely spectacular, that baby blue is so different. Also fun fact, when Spinarak attacks, the face on their back changes to an angry face too!


Regular Archen Shiny Archen


Archen has definitely been neglected in Pokémon GO. They are super rare, barely ever appearing in the wild, and despite being released for several years now, don’t have their shiny form released either. Can you even remember the last time you saw one? Here’s to hoping they’ll be featured as part of the fossil event in 2022. Archeops got to shine in the new Pokémon Snap, it’s time for Archen to get the spotlight too.


Regular Kabuto Shiny Kabuto


Speaking of fossills, Kabuto is one of the OGs! With that lime green tutti fruiti shiny, I can’t help but find Kabuto really cute weirdly. The eyes on their shell are part of their camouflage technique, with their real eyes hidden underneath. Based on a horseshoe crab, or a trilobite, their design is a real ancient throwback.


Regular Victini Shiny Victini


Poor Victini is a Mythical Pokémon just didn’t seem to get the fuss that many of the Mythical Pokémon get when they were released. There didn’t feel like there was much hype or excitement, and they almost felt like they had been released out of place. A white shiny is really fun, there aren’t many white shinies! They aren’t cute as cute as the likes of Mew or Celebi, but they do have something about them with their Pikachu-esque design.


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