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To all the Pokemon GO Girls out there: Happy International Women’s Day!

Trainers, and especially female trainers, we wish you a truly happy International Women’s Day! It is not often that we, as a gaming community often dominated by men, get a chance to say this.

Today is a very special day as today we celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations.

Of course, with GO Hub being a Pokemon GO portal, we’re not going to delve too much into the history of International Women’s Day, but we would like to remind our male readers about a few things:

  • Girls like games as much as we do, sometimes much much more. The author of this article can fairly say that he’d be easily defeated in PvP by almost any local Croatian Pokemon GO girl. Nothing to be ashamed of, one can only admire and learn from the ones who are better than you.
  • Girls are about 22.5% of GO Hub’s visitors and are often more engaged with the website than our male readers.

There are plenty of women and girls out there who are a part of our communities and our very own discord server! We wanted to give you all a special shout out today, to remind you, and all our readers, that you are amazing. We hope you continue to play, engage, and contribute to the game and the Hub. From all the men and women at the Pokémon Go Hub, we appreciate you! #WomenForTheHub


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