just as scheduled, the 19th Nest migration has occurred last night, shaking up your local nests, spawns and cluster spawns.

As always, head out to discover new nesting species in your area and don’t forget to fill up your Egg Inventory before the Easter event ends!

Remember to stay safe. Good fortune and good hunting!

  • Josh Hack

    Why do I need a magnemite nest niantic?

    • MLG

      You got magneton already like me? I had a magnemite nest right outside and I got 50 magneton in no time i was pretty thankful

      • Josh Hack

        They only become useful in gen 4 with magnezone. I use a magneton to prestige sometimes

        • MLG

          Ah I think magneton is kinda ‘crap’ because of it’s low health I got one shot by water moves even though they are ‘ineffective’ against me .-. so i never use him I usually use Launtern

          • vision33r

            Magneton is not crap, It’s low health because it’s an attacker Pokemon. It is easy to use against Gyarados and other water based ones. A few good electric charges can take down a 2500cp water Pokemon.

        • XZ2017

          What is for? …prestige with a pokemon? I hear it before but no understand more than prestige is getting gym up power number.. Can explain it to me please?

        • XZ2017

          How can i get prestige? that all people i heared before saying. This is perfect for prestige…

          • Josh Hack

            When you battle a gym on your own team, you get prestige and level up the gym to the point that you can put another Pokemon in the gym

          • TainTwitLove TaintwitLove

            so pidgey 10 cp should be a God for that, right? xD

          • Josh Hack

            If it lives for more than one second

          • Basically you need a Team for attack gyms, a team for defending and a team for prestige, this last one has to be composed by a group of kinda low CP pokemon, at least half the CP of the gym pokemon

            Sorry for my english

  • James Harnisher

    Since the games release I have had Magnemite and Voltorb nests near my house. How much do these migrations actually change because I am always expected something new but that never seems to be the case.

    • Nightmare

      That’s interesting, I only have seen 1 Voltorb since the game began, actually is the only first generation Pokemon I need to complete it.

  • Roborito

    With the new nest migration all the three nests in my village have disappeared, any information about why did it happened?
    They were in a safe public zone, it’s a pity not having them :/