just like clockwork, the 20th Nest migration has occurred. Your local nests (places where you see same Pokémon specie often) have changed again!

As always, head out to discover new nesting species in your area and don’t forget to farm those starters like crazy.

Where to find Nests?

You can find Nests using the Global Nest Atlas. Plain and simple.

What are Pokémon GO nests?

A Pokemon GO nest is a small area where a particular Pokémon is very common. Rarely, a nest is not a park and or some area public area. The nest Pokémon will have their own spawn points within their nest; not sharing the same ones with the Regular Pokémon of the Biome it’s located within. Pokemon GO Nest Spawns, unlike regular spawns, are not in an exact location every time. Their location may varies slightly each time, but will always spawn near or within their Pokemon GO nest location. Nest Spawns, At times, have be known to go dormant for serval of minutes and in some cases even hours. At times, all nest spawns within a Pokemon GO nest go dormant leading to a “dead spawn”.

Remember to stay safe. Good fortune and good hunting!

  • raichu DL

    looks like my local nest has gave way to houndour.
    and, given their usual rarity over here, i believe a mass farming of them might be in order. i have a good houndoom that’d appreciate the candies if she’s going to be busting metagross once gen III hits.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Well my local nest was once before a kabuto.. Now a abra.. Not the best but neither the worst!!

    • Subhrojyoti Ghosh

      Can you plz tell me Abra nest location

  • Charles D’Onofrio III

    What make starters desirable enough to farm?

    • GonzoI

      Rarity and popularity. Even with the starter event, not everyone got all their starters (and some people have begun playing since January). Those who did may have been wanting a specific moveset, better IV’s, or to power it up enough that they can use it to take down gyms just because they like playing with it.

      • Charles D’Onofrio III

        So nothing any different than any other noncommon pokemon?

        • GonzoI

          Popularity is the difference between them and other uncommon Pokemon. Charizard has been voted for as an event Pokemon in the main series more times than any other species. The other 2 still have the nostalgia value both for those who started Red/Blue with them, and people who picked their line as a starter in GO.

          • Charles D’Onofrio III

            So, again, nothing different than any other uncommon pokemon. The article tells me to “farm those starters like crazy”. This is not good advice unless those happen to be my favorites, correct? Who cares if other people like them..if they aren’t more powerful or if they don’t gain me any advantage…it is simply bad advice. The advice should be ‘farm those uncommon pokemon’. Because, really, popularity is meaningless in pokemon go.

          • GonzoI

            Yes, they failed to target their message to you personally. You caught them, good job.

          • Charles D’Onofrio III

            It has zero to do with me personally. It’s simply bad writing. When you write a blog or a news article, a certain level of proper communication should be expected. They made that statement, with zero explanation, like it was obviously something we should all be doing. I asked the question because I thought it indicated i was missing something key in the game. It turns out, instead, they made the statement for no logical reason beyond “some people think it’s fun”. I apologize if I expected better from the author.

          • Ryan Redmond

            Come stop whining on like a baby,if you don’t want the damn pokemon don’t catch them,simple

          • Charles D’Onofrio III

            Not sure how asking a question about a statement made in the article is whining. The statement sounded like advice the way it was presented. I just wanted to know why.

  • Dboss1992 “Bigboos” 15

    mine was a omanyte know is a scyther nest

  • suloku mago

    My (pidgey?) I never figured what was nesting there this last time) became sunkern, which is a rare for my biome. Already got sunflora, but some more candy won’t hurt.
    My goldeen nest became clefairy, which is also a rare, so I guess new players will be happy.

    I was hoping for sneasel, but luckily I got one from eggstravaganza. Now I just hope I can encounter a Mareep so I can grind for candy (only missing mareep line, milktank, unown and regionals)

  • yoav korman

    mine was chinchu but its still chinchu RIP me

  • Isthatbvv

    Great? My whole country (belgium) is a 2 headed chicken paradise… in every city there is a doduo nest… it’s been weeks that there was a great nest migration afther the Gen II release…