a new Nest Migration has occurred and new Pokémon species are now appearing in your local nests. Crazy when you think about it, but this has happened 30 times so far — every two weeks.

As expected, the migration took place at 00:00 UTC on September 21st, bringing new life to local nests. Hopefully you got something useful this time.

Remember that some Pokémon species do not nest. You can see the full list here: Gen I and II Pokémon that don’t nest.

Report your local sightings at The Silph Road Nest Atlas.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    So um, Gen 3 trailer?

    • Reals26 Gaming

      What do you mean?

      • Antonio Mercurio

        Niantic released Gen 2 trailer in the week before it was released, they also released a gym rework/legendary trailer. They will release a trailer as Gen 3 is imminent go watch straighupknives on yt he has a theory and so does all other pogo ytbers

        • Chris Denton

          Do you see a gen 3 trailer? Might not be as imminent as you think. YTbers have no behind the scenes insight on pogo development, as a whole. They just guess and are usually wrong.

          The select few that are escorted around by niantic have no insight on future updates either.

          I would look into how long it took niantic, after they had the names of gen 2 Pokémon in code, to actually release them.

          The gen 3 meta data literally dropped like 3 weeks ago lol.

          • Antonio Mercurio

            Chris if you think about it what quarterly update have we gotten this quarter??!! None so their is 8 days left and we should 90% get a new update hopefully with a sick trailer

          • Chris Denton

            Quarterly updates? Where are you getting this information that there are huge quarterly updates, every quarter? Also there have been updates this quarter.

          • Joseph Cohen

            …from John Hanke’s mouth. Did you try doing an internet query?

          • Chris Denton

            John Hanke said that every quarter there will be a massive content drop? I keep up with niantic and pogo and I’ve never seen or heard that. Either way, speculating what’s coming in future updates only leads to disappointment.

            I’m sure gen 3 will drop before they fix the game. I just don’t understand the where’s gen 3 comments when they just put the names in the game very recently.

            No I did not do an internet search, I felt as though conversation would suffice.

            Edit: I have been wrong before and it doesn’t hurt my feelings if I’m wrong on this. I’ll take your word on it because I have no reason not to.

    • Brian Keith

      no clue what you’re talking about…