The Adventure Week 2017 has officially started, bringing increased amounts of rock spawns to a neighbourhood near you.

Grab your walking shoes, your Indiana Jones hats and your water bottles – it’s time to walk!

Although Adventure Week is universally praised, the event was off to a rocky start with a few big issues ruining the early player experience.

PTC goes out just before the event!

Unfortunately, the Pokémon Trainer Club login crashed just before the event started, leaving a big number of players with an empty screen,

Here’s how one Trainer described the situation:

The adventure of getting past the loading screen is unreal!

While PTC players were struggling to get in, their Google-login friends had a completely different set of problems – huge amounts of Larvitars!

Larvitar spawns: from zero to hero and back

While the PTC players were left out, other Trainers were enjoying an over-abundance of Larvitar spawns. Some players reported catching more than 5 Larvitars in the first hour!

Larvitar spawn rates were quickly reduced to “normal uncommon”, making it far harder to find a wild Larvitar, even during this event.

Luckily, this mistake on Niantic’s part proved that Larvitar is also included in the increased rock spawns!

An amazing fan made loading screen

A few hours before the event started, a redditor called Snigglets07 posted this:

“You know what would be the perfect loading screen for “Adventure” week? How about a trainer running from a Golem rolling after them”

Amazingly, another redditor named siltryc responded to Snigglets request and created one of the coolest fan made Pokémon GO loading screens we’ve seen so far:

Well done, well done! An amazing concept brought to life. Ekansssss!

Other news

  • Small text fixes were applied to the too far PokéStop and Gym screens:
    • This Gym is too far away.  Walk closer to interact with this Gym.
    • This PokéStop is too far away.  Walk closer to interact with this PokéStop.
  • GO Hub Forum Research group proves that you can’t use this event to amass Espeons and Umbreons: [RESEARCH] Walking Eevee during the Rock Event
  • GO Hub forum reaches 450 users and 110 threads on day two
  • Heydavid17

    Indeed a delightful first hour of the event! 😀

    Got myself:
    3 Larvitars
    2 Magcarcos
    1 Skamory & 1 Aerodactyl (Finally done with Gen 1)
    and multiple other rock types.

    It’s going to be a great week! 🙂

  • The Boss Blastoise

    Shiny Zubat in the corner of loading screen!!!!!!!!!

  • Edu Saravia

    In Lima, Peru full geodude kabutos omayten but lavitar is not present. So far I catched 300 pokemon but not lavitar so far.

    • Steven J Messer

      Same with me, hundreds of pokemon, not a single larvitar!