recently we were very lucky to acquire a dataset containing roughly 1.8 million Pokémon spawns collected from February 18 through February 22. For the next 7 days we’ll be analysing that data set and publishing a daily report on the discoveries we make.

We are still trying to figure out all the patterns in the data and we are decorating the dataset with Pokémon types and other meta information. You can suggest what kind of metrics you would like to see in the comment section.

Here’s what the data contains:

  • spawn point ID
  • the time when the spawn occurred
  • Pokémon Species that spawned

It does not contain the following:

  • Moves, IVs or CP of the encounter

We’ll be publishing the data set as soon as we get permission from the original collector and as soon as we finish decorating it in a readable and queryable form.

In the meantime, here’s some initial aggregated data on number of spawns per Pokémon main type. Pokémon like Magnemite are categorised under Electric, even though their typing is Dual – Electric / Steel.

Type Total spawns
Flying 705,720
Bug 342,771
Normal 222,024
Dark 180,720
Ground 117,968
Water 111,754
Fairy 81,202
Poison 33,265
Grass 25,237
Psychic 21,121
Electric 17,253
Fire 15,521
Ghost 14,681
Rock 4,349
Fighting 3,631
Dragon 938
Ice 772
TOTAL 1,898,927

We also have another dataset from a different source with even more data, but it will take a while to merge the two. Luckily, a majority of the SQL queries used for the analysis is already written and just awaiting the merge.

Without hyping it too much, let’s see where this data will lead us in the days to come. Stay tuned and type

  • Rillan

    I dont believe its true cause like 80% i see are Swinubs and they are not fying

  • yong. zheng

    99pc what i see are snobulls and sentret so.. i dont believe it either

  • PokeDana83

    I’ve yet to see a Swinub (I don’t even know what that one looks like) and I rarely see Snubbulls. Majority of what I see is Natu, Sentret, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Murkrow, and Spinarak; I also see a decent amount of Marill and Wooper.

    • KMO

      Wow! Similar distribution for your other species, but in Toronto swinub are everywhere. Often 6 or 7 of the nearby spots are filled with these pests!

  • How were those with mixed types treated?

  • Eivind Grøvik Tandstad

    Got a Mareep from a 10k egg yesterday 🙂