“Unexpected”. That was the comment our editor made when he read vibrunazo’s story on reddit. We’re sharing the story now with you also. Enjoy!

Vibrunazo, a brazilian Pokémon GO player, noticed that a lot of the new Ingress Portals in his area did not convert into Pokéstops and decided not to let it go.

After reporting and reviewing a lot of portals via OPR, Vibrunazo was confused as to why none of them became Pokéstops and was convinced that a bug is preventing the conversion. Now hold on a minute!

We know what you’re thinking — “not all Ingress Portals become Pokéstops / Gyms” — and you are absolutely correct, but we’re not talking about a few portals here, we’re talking about 35 different portals in Brazil that weren’t converted.

Why is Brazil significant for the story? Well, Brazil is known for its Portal/Pokéstop scarcity and traditionally a high percentage of Ingress Portals do become Pokéstops.

So, in order to verify his belief, Vibrunazo has decided to send and e-mail to Niantic Support, reporting the lack of Portal to Pokéstop conversion as a bug. Surprisingly, he received the following response back:

The rest of the story is best told by quoting the man himself:

Niantic support replied me asking for more details about the missing Portals. He specifically asked for names and coordinates of the Pokéstops. So I replied with names, coordinates and full URL of the Ingress Intel for 2 out of the 35 Portals. Explained those were only 2 examples, I could give him more if needed.

That was yesterday, and today we suddenly get 30 new Pokéstops and Gyms! They were all from our old list of 35 bugged Portals. Not all of the 35 made it, but the majority did. (Which is understandable, not all Portals become Pokéstops due to distance)

In a nutshell, one persistent Brazilian has managed to get himself 30 new Pokéstops by creating an honest bug report and backing up his claims with proof. Maybe we should all start playing Ingress, eh?

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Like no. How about not playing ingress and niantic taking Pogo issues seriously more frequently.

  • Hank

    Of topic, but when will niantic fix PoGo plus?
    It’s been half a year soon. Good work Niantic

    • true

      • ino

        OMG yes! I’m an urban player and if that’s not bad enough my pogo plus is screwed up now….

    • Jon Jon Javellana

      If youre on iOS and have updated to 11, then its Apple’s issue, not really the PoGO+ Ive been dealing with the same issue since then and I can only hope for some fix sometime…

      • Hank

        Well even tho that is true. Is it really impossible for Niantic to fix it? I have a hard time believing it’s aples full responsibility to fix it

        • Chris Denton

          My go+ drops connection every few minutes and the catch rate is awful with it. I’m on the latest version of iOS and out of the 5 Bluetooth devices I use daily, the go+ is the only one I have trouble with. I don’t even bother with the go+ anymore and it’s only 2 months old.

          I’m not convinced this is apples fault. If Apple altered their code, it is up to niantic to make the necessary changes to keep everything on their end working properly. Niantic is responsible for making sure the go+ works with all supported software. iOS is supported software, allegedly.

          I’m sure you already know all that but I wanted to chime in because I’m affected by this issue.

  • Karl Sangster

    if you read the thread, you would have seen other people from brazil also notice new pokestops near them too, it was just a coincidence, brazil as a country was probably just due to get new wave of pokestops, the email sent to support had nothing to do with it as other people in other cities reported new pokestops/gyms the same time

    look, if theres no news, its ok to not report anything. dont make up fluff articles like this as it ruins your reputation *tsk tsk*

    • Joel Jensen

      And if you don’t want to see these kind of articles, why bother clicking on it? Grow up

      • peponzio

        Honestly because there is literally nothing else. It’s a conundrum. We want news and we don’t want filler articles, but there are no news and we want to read things.

        The problem with this article is that there is no confirmation from Niantic’s support. This is all just from one man’s perspective. There is correlation but no causation.

        It’s a mere rumour. A news site needs more than rumours.

    • ElectroBlade

      Welcome to Go Hub, where the site is 70% filler click bait and 30% information taken and regurgitated from the Silph Road subreddit.

  • Peg Janssens

    When will Niantic notice that some European countries have winterhour?

    Raids start at around 05:30am and stop at 18:30/18:45 (last change to get an egg pop-up) We want it back like in summer!!!
    Raid starts at 07:00AM and end at 19:45 (last change to get an egg pop-up)

    • Piotr Krzywicki

      I am pretty sure Niantic wouldn’t be even aware of Europe’s existence if not Uniball-Rodamco sponsoring…

    • Joel Jensen

      But you guys have had the most safari zones and events, so quit complaining

      • Robdebobrob

        Not everyone has had the chance to attend those. Certainly not relevant to raiding…

      • Piotr Krzywicki

        We had literaly 1 event in continental Europe: Safari Zone. Splitted between few countries, but still with stupidly low amount of tickets available + it isnt US in transportation means. And also you should compare how Safari Zone looked in Korea and how was that European one looking (spoiler: like a parody).

        • Joel Jensen

          You’ve got a point, they were unfair to give a whole country an event, with a region exclusive and Unowns.

    • Robdebobrob

      Agreed. Just did the last raikou raid of the day. Dissapears at 19:29. For people who work normal hours that doesnt leave alot of room if you wanna go get some groceries and also eat with your family. If the last raid would end at 21:00 things would be much easier.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    I still don’t understand why as PoGo players we need to rely on Ingress for portals. According to their own website Ingress has been downloaded ~20 million times, and Pokemon GO downloaded ~750 million times. Quick poll, if you were going to invest time and money into a product which one would YOU focus on? Give level 40 players the ability to suggest new pokestop and gym locations. At this point Pokemon GO should be determining the direction of Ingress… not the other way around.

    • David Wawrzyniak

      Um, lvl 40 PoGo players obvioulsy do not need more pokestops or gyms. It’s the rural areas that need them plain and simple.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        But it gives something for level 40 players to do. At level 40… they’ve played the game enough (particularly in their own community) to know where the needs truly are. The level 40 players I play with are all about helping out those in the community to raid, to knock over gyms, to level quick etc. Why? Because there isn’t much else to do atm.

        Some random lowbie who lives out in BFE is likely to submit a request for a gym/stop at his own mailbox, because he threw some xmas lights on it and… reasons…

        • Piotr Krzywicki

          Wait, last part sounds much like description of 90% of city pokestops, where Ingress contributors were mostly active…

          Giving lvl 40 players ability to submit stops would be fail for single reason: outside US and Japan metropolis those are single people in entire city communities. If somebody was able to level to 40 by now in city, that city obviously don’t need more stops, since there is enough of them. And since level 40 players won’t play outside cities anyway, this would change NOTHING in rural areas – read places where new stops and gyms are needed.
          The only real and reasonable sollution would be to let any player above given level (let’s say 20-25) to submit new Pokestop location, and let other players verify it. Each unique player above same given border level (to preven abuse by lowbie famrs) wisiting such location would count as contributor, adding some % to progress, until setting up Pokestop is finished. Same goes for upgrading Pokestop to Gym. And contributing should be limited to one stop submission per player per time (mean when you start one build, you can’t start another, and let’s you can submit only one Pokestop/Gym per month), with kept distance at least 250m between each submitted “building zone” and ~50m from another, finished Pokestop (which could be reduced if more people will agree for that, but to no more than, let’s say, three stops in given radius, and that would affect ability to set up other stops in the area too, to prevent overcrowding).

    • RayfenWindspear

      And who has been a constant nuisance to the portal network and the world in general? Stopping in the middle of the road on highways to catch a Pikachu, causing accidents. Walking into hospital ERs and causing the hospitals to contact Niantic for removals. These issues were practically unheard of with the ingress crowd. We have proven ourselves to be far more responsible as a whole.

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        Hey man. We don’t stop for Pikachu. We stop for magikarps!

        But in all seriousness, that doesn’t happen as much now. That was launch week

      • Partysaurus Rex

        That’s funny (I have a sick sense of humor) I got in a car wreck Sep ’16 and I joke with people who know/knew I play PoGo that at least I caught that Pikachu. But as I said to Brimlie I had no idea Pokemon players were having a negative impact on Ingress… all the more reason to cut the cord.

    • Brimlie

      Pokémon Go players are responsible for the removal of an obscene amount of portals worldwide because they lack the respect and common sense Ingress players have demonstrated for years. You are essentially our disrespectful offspring. Now go to your room.

      • peponzio

        If anything we’d be brothers as we share the same parent. The difference is Pokemon Go has grown to be more than 30 times bigger than you.

        Also if portals have disappeared thanks to us it is only because we provided MORE data that could be modeled into the appropriate gameplay. Too bad that certain portals that needed trespassing had to go because 30 times more people tried to do it. While before us, 1 of you could slip unnoticed by the system and get your personal motives accomplished.

        Is that the case for all, probably not. But we are so many players that Niantic IS of course having trouble handling us.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Sorry for that. We aren’t all that way. I respect private property, no trespassing,and all traffic laws. I had no idea PoGo had a negative impact on Ingress… surely there is a way we can coexist.

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      That is a good idea. I mean level 40 players are committed so their reward should be being able to support the game with pokestops and gyms

      • Partysaurus Rex

        I’m on the cusp of 36. The level 40 players I know from our “small” town are extremely helpful. I play everyday, and try to use up my daily raid pass so they aren’t wasted, but I’m not racing to 40. These folks are typically organizing raid groups of 20-60 as we make our way from raid to raid on the weekends.

        My though was simply that they could expand their sphere of influence and the spirit of helpfulness by specifically targeting folks and areas that need a little help. Its essentially free labor. Niantic doesn’t need to dedicate a person or team to respond to or filter through requests. In my mind it was a win, win. Clearly there are some flaws in that rationale… just needs a better mind I guess.

    • elforesto

      Because the PGo player base was so heinously disrespectful of their environment that huge swaths of portals (and thus Pokestops) were removed entirely. You have no idea about the total bloodbath you caused by not being mindful in the least about your environment, leading to the wholesale nuking of basically every cemetery portal in the world as you chased Bulbasaurs through funerals, Charizards through hospitals, and Pikachus through someone’s otherwise lovely picnic in the park.

      Once you own that, yes, large numbers of PGo players played like children and complete idiots for months and created a huge negative impact on both games, then maybe we can talk about letting you have a seat at the adult table. Until then, take your superiority complex and kindly light your over-inflated ego on fire with it.

      • peponzio

        That is not fair.

        Pokemon Go started as an unprecedented innovation with little regulations. Everyone was in a rush to do and get and sure many weren’t mindful and accidents ensued. Uncontrolled masses have no knowledge and behave erratically; rules, regulations and tips soon came to make some order. If anything Niantic is partially guilty for not suggesting rules and precautions when playing Pokemon Go since its conception.

        Is that an excuse for people’s childish and dangerous actions? No. Does it solve all accidents and disrespects that were caused? No.

        Should people have used common sense and showed mindful and respectful attitudes while playing? Of course. Would you have done it? I’m sure you would. But not everyone thinks alike, and not all will behave like you would.

        After some time playing and adjusting, after hearing about accidents and unfortunate events, people started playing more discreetly and prudently. Players grow as you said. And though we may have disrespected you it was never a personal malintent. I believe players deserve some respect as well, for even the children that play are not childish as the first month’s incidents.

        • elforesto

          When the attitude of the OP is “screw you Ingress players, us PGo players are more numerous” while completely disregarding the huge problems caused for both games, I think it’s entirely fair. Harsh, sure, but fair. PGo did a ton of damage and it extends beyond portals and Pokestops. Like how so many PGo players spoof like crazy which spilled over into Ingress. Or the rampant win-trading by PGo players in Ingress to level up so they can get access to portal submissions and OPR. The fact is that you crap all over our game and then act like you’re the gaming master race. Excuse me for being a little bit of a jerk about that.

          • peponzio

            He does make a good point aimed at the wrong folks. Niantic must consider giving Pokemon Go autonomous functions.

            What we all are failing to see is that PoGo stats, Ingress stats, and future WiUn stats (Wizards Unite) all pile up into Niantic’s main world mapping. We all affect each other.

            But, in Ingress there is a feature to increase the world’s interaction points. Something PoGo is lacking. And it became a general consensus that PoGo players NEED to play Ingress to increase PoGo world’s interaction points. This is a thought brought up by PoGo news blogs. And it’s a flawed thought for many have done so without any success while others easily succeed, in other words it does not depend on our input but on Niantic’s logic.

            Now, it is a fact that we are too many players. And cheating ensued. Personally I consider Pokemon Go a master in potential and world building experience. And it is SHAMEFUL for the game to be the way it is now. The world can only be as good as oneself wishes to be, the fact that so many believe it is good to cheat is simply disgraceful, to all.

            We all have our reasons for doing what we do. But truth be told the game of PoGo is filled with account buy-sell, GPS mocking, bot invasions, and many more. It has corrupted into becoming an indirect money source for people who don’t even play sustained by people who want unfair advantages over others. Why? Because others have those advantages? Honour is gone.

          • peponzio

            I drifted off. I guess what I mean is that I am sorry for causing so much trouble to others. And I only wish for Niantic to find a way to ensure a safe and fair play for us and others.

            I wouldn’t mind Niantic and Nintendo coming up with a system to approve players worthy of being called Pokemon trainers. And I wouldn’t mind being rejected as long as I am sure those selected are true players with honor and respect.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Instead it remains “screw you PoGo players, us Ingress players have been here longer”. Assuming that one had to effect the other… you think it makes any sense that 97% (PoGo players) should have their experience dictated by 3% (Ingress players). I’d love to hear the justification for those mental gymnastics. Perhaps the solution is to simply cut ties altogether and have them operate independently of one another.

          • elforesto

            The less you PGo players ruin our game the better.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Sounds like we’re actually in agreement, lets get this marriage annulled.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        LoL superiority complex? Over-inflated ego? He says from his high horse… Because I suggest that a company focus on their more/most popular product? How dare I? Seriously man, back on your meds.

        You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that all PoGo players are “children” or that everyone plays or behaves that way with no regard to person or property. You’re an obnoxious and contemptible moron.


  • Darwin Long

    If you are a Trainer living in Brazil or Korea, your region has been getting new Pokéstops from Ingress Portals all along. The REST of the world OUTSIDE OF those two countries received a mass-deletion on October 11 and a cessation of Ingress to Pokemon GO port-over, with no return of ANY Pokéstops removed on that day. There has not been even a SINGLE confirmed report of any lost Pokéstops from the October 11 event being reinstated OUTSIDE OF those two countries.

  • scelestion

    George from Niantic (Reddit: /u/NianticGeorge) has debunked this:

    “Hey /u/vibrunazo, sorry for the delay in my response to this post. I had to check in with the team for some information on this. So here’s the scoop…we recently did a refresh of the Pokéstops and Gyms in some areas in an effort to continually add more places for players to explore. It was just a coincidence that the new Pokéstops/Gyms were added after support was contacted.”

    Would post the source but links can’t be posted here.