Niantic just officially announced the Pokémon GO Easter Event: Eggstravaganza 2017 is starting today and lasts to April 20!

Here’s the important bits:

  • Lasts from April 13 to April 20 (1:00 P.M. PDT)
  • Greater variety of Pokémon in 2KM Eggs
    • Our sources indicate that Ultra Rare Pokémon should be more common – make sure to check the current Egg Chart
  • Double XP during the event, stacks with Lucky Egg
  • More Candy for Every Egg hatch
  • Lucky Eggs discounted by 50%

It seems our leak was correct, and the event is starting today. The event is starting in 7 Hours, from the time of this writing.

A short guide for the event

Make sure to stock up on incubators and burn through your 5 KM Eggs as fast as possible, making space for 2 KM Eggs.

Buy discounted Lucky Eggs, but only use them for hatching 2 KM Eggs, don’t waste them on other Egg types.

Be careful with power ups, there is no increase in Stardust gains, so save your Stardust for powering up your best hatches at the end of the event.

Official post from Pokémon GO:


Lace up your walking shoes and get ready to put a spring in your step—the Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza is nearly here! From 1:00 P.M. PDT on April 13 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on April 20, 2017, a greater variety of Pokémon can now be found in 2 km Eggs, so get cracking and see what you find! Your Egg-venture doesn’t stop there, though—you’ll also earn more Candy for every Egg you hatch!

Throughout this Eggstravaganza, you’ll also level up even faster with double XP! Combine this Egg-cellent bonus with a Lucky Egg, and you’ll earn four times the XP you normally would. To make this Eggstravaganza even sweeter, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop!

Get out there, hatch some Eggs, and share your stories with us using #PokemonGO on your favorite social media channels.
—The Pokémon GO team

  • Jeff C.

    So the Niantic release says a greater variety of Pokemon now found in 2k eggs, your source is saying Ultra Rare should be more common. The only Ultra Rare in a 2k is Misdreavus so I hope your source/assumption is right that other Ultra Rare’s are going to hatch from 2k’s. I’m about to hit level 33 today and I still don’t have a Lapras or an Aerodactyl, which of course are Ultra Rare 10k’s.

  • LucejuiceX

    Lucky eggs are for double XP. Incubators are for hatching eggs. Don’t encourage people to buy incubators to hatch 2k please.

    • Rillan

      they encourage u to buy them for 5-10km eggs, same with lucky eggs. People got greedy when they see it. Greedy makes them stupid

      • LucejuiceX

        “Buy discounted Lucky Eggs, but only use them for hatching 2 KM Eggs, don’t waste them on other Egg types.”

        • Rillan

          Lucky eggs are pointless to use with eggs. U better use it when u gonna evolve some 30-40 pokemons

  • Joel Jensen

    does this mean gen 2 starters from 2km eggs!!?!!!??!!!!

  • Cynthia Gibling

    Boo hoo. Here I am stuck in an area with no mobile signal. Walked for an hour this morning and didn’t get a signal anywhere!!

  • Ronnie

    So what’s wrong with this game. Walked 7.5km on hike and I can’t hatch eggs, stops recording at .4 or .7 km. Shut down game and phone numerous times. This is maddening! How do I get it to work!. No sense walking outside if it don’t register.