we’ve received leaked information on the upcoming Easter Event. We are still working to verify the information, but the source proved trustworthy in the past, with accurate leaks for the Generation II release date and the Water Festival date.

In short, here’s what we were informed of:

  • Double XP event should start tomorrow, lasting for 7 days
  • Increased hatch rates of Ultra Rare Egg Pokemon (consult our Egg Chart for rarities)
    • Snorlax, Lapras, Porygon and Miltank were highlighted
  • Drop rates changes for Eggs were not mentioned
  • An in-game sale for Incubators was not mentioned

Curiously, a spanish Twitter account called “Team Eevolution” tweeted out the same information roughly an hour ago, indicating that we were not the only ones on the receiving end of the leak.

We’re not sure if this “leak” was manufactured by Niantic to catch the Pokémon GO community off guard, but it is what we know at this moment.

Direct Translation


You are speaking Vaporeon Team Eevolution. First of all I have to apologize to you: some of you anticipate it but we did not have anything confirmed yet and for that we deny it. From tomorrow, there will be a DOUBLE EXPERIENCE EVENT that will last a week. There will also be better egg hatch rates. This means that there will be more chances of rare Pokemon coming out as Lapras or Snorlax more easily. (This, that we know, if it is our exclusive news). So, we encourage you to go outside and walk a lot to take advantage of it! This event will last for one week. Remember, as always: somosiosprin! Remember to follow us on Twitter and YouTube: @teameevolution J Paranoias Gamers

All in all, manage your hype and expectations. If this leak does happen to be correct, remember that only newly acquired eggs will have the increased rare hatch chance. Poké Eggs that you currently have will not be affected.

  • MoyOlvera

    I think that support anything coming from paranoias gamers it’s discredited, that shitty YouTube canal where spoofers relays and spend his time when aren’t spoofing. You should listen the guy in thesilphroad that posted the water festival leak before.

  • mAm

    Yay, maybe I’ll finally get a Snorlax … yes, after all this time I have still not hatched a Snorlax. I did catch a wild one once but he’s not scaring anyone with an XP of 46.

    • Danny Slaats

      *magikarp 10cp used struggle*

      R,I.P. Magikarp

    • khaled arabic

      hhhhh i’m lvl 33 never sea a snorlax … i hope to hatch one

      • vision33r

        Last week​ during water event there were plenty of Snorlax. Caught 3 and he’s my buddy now.

    • Refreshed Goods
      • the2000guy

        Very common in your area it seems… At my town usually 2-4 Snorlax appeared every week near the town hall. Unfortunately I have no chance to stay all day waiting until it appeared.

        • RussellL

          What’s the name of your town hall?

    • Sheep770

      That’s sad, the only rare spawns I’ve ever had were a low CP Porygon, a Blastoise I couldn’t even get to, and a MUK that de-spawned in my school.

  • GonzoI

    Sounds like a subset of the rumor mill. It’s possible they’re responding to the widespread expectation of double XP after the “save your candies” confusion, or that Niantic is doing a “global lucky egg” for the period. It’s certainly not the obvious choice for Easter, though.

  • juan garcia

    Your translation need to be fixed some word arent well translated

  • Matthew Robinson

    niantic hasnt said anything aboout an eaaster event so this is fake

    • Hen Thai

      that’s why it’s called a “leak” ffs

      • Anton Hendry

        Some people are just dumb…

    • Sheep770

      I hate people like you

  • Titi

    Porygon is not a rare Pokemon since the Valentine’s day event, Hoping for Miltank though…

    • Jtelia 21

      For me it is, I’ve been playing since the game came out and haven’t gotten a porygon yet ?

      • Anton Hendry

        then you didnt play at all in february

        • Nascar Joe

          Didn’t see a single Porygon during Valentines event. Have played everyday since July 7th.

          • Anton Hendry

            Well maybe you played but, did you even walk out the door then

    • D.A.V.E.

      My town only spawned Porygon during the event, and even then, it was in one specific time play only once a day.

    • Nascar Joe

      Didn’t see a single Porygon during Valentines event.

      • Anton Hendry

        Well maybe you played but, did you even walk out the door then???

        • Nascar Joe

          Alas the joys of living in rural America.

        • mbeezy82

          I only found 1. I live in a rural area and I happened to travel out of town on day 1 of that event.

        • Matthew Jost

          The valentines event was cruel. Porygon did spawn with high frequentcy in areas that porygon would spawn from time to time. However, if your town never had porygon spawns (like my town), then you would not have any spawns at all.

          We had plenty of chanseys and exeggcutes though.

  • Pk GO

    I have a 1500 snorlax with 89% IVs and a 2400 pne with shitty IVs and a 1700 Lapras with okayish IVs but I haven’t got a miltank or porygon so hope to hatch em tbh btw I’m lvl 34

    • MLG

      Wow I have a thing you have but you have 2 things I don’t have, I hatched a good IV porygon by chance but haven’t got anything else .-.

  • Sierra S.

    Will the eggs only be rare if hatched during the event or if they are collected and hatched later?

    • MLG

      good question. I think they still would be rare because if you have party pikachu even after the event you can still get party raichu and how they added dates to the eggs may also prove this as well

    • VanPelt

      I’d think they would be rare because a Pokémon is already determined the minute you get the egg, not as you’re hatching it.

  • corey cagle

    I have hatch alot of things but hoping for army star in some egg I hatch in this event then I can have Gen one done fully all 150

  • David Brooks (Gorrynel)
  • Joshua Adam Kent

    Man I just got my full allotment of eggs this week. Got to get lots of exercise.

  • Jethro Christian

    I made sure to get rid of all my 5km eggs, sitting with 9 2km eggs in case this easter event had something to do with eggs. Makes it easier to hatch eggs faster.
    Guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Eddie B

    I have 4 Snorlax, 2 miltanks, 3 Lapras, finally got my first Dragonite as Dratini are rare here. Been playing since day 1. On lv32 now. Valentine’s event was useless here no Chansey, no blissy, no Porygon. Luckily I caught a Porygon about 2 weeks into playing at level 10 but no candy to do anything with it. People who think we should have gotten out during Valentine’s are dead wrong. They simply don’t spawn fairly in even semi rural areas even during events!

    • Ola

      I live in some city in Europe and at Valentine’s event we had plenty of Porygon. 😉 And some Chnasey appeared to…