here’s the full dump of cross generation Candy requirements. Rock on!

Golbat -> Crobat: 100 zubat candies (nothing special)

Gloom -> Bellossom: 100 oddish candies and a Sun Stone

Poliwhirl -> Politoed: 100 Poliwag candies and a King’s Rock

Slowpoke -> Slowking: 50 Slowpoke candies and a King’s Rock

Onix -> Steelix: 50 Onix candies and a Metal Coat

Chansey -> Blissey: 50 Chansey candies (nothing special)

Seadra -> Kingdra: 100 Horsea candies and a Dragon Scale

Scyther -> Scizor: 50 Scyther candies and a Metal Coat

Eevee -> Umbreon: 25 Eevee candies (nothing special). nickname Tamao for 100% chance

Eevee -> Espeon: 25 Eevee candies (nothing special). nickname Sakura for 100% chance

Porygon -> Porygon 2: 50 Porygon candies and a Up-Grade

  • Catybv

    Where do I get these special items needed to evolve?!?

    • Joel Jensen

      yea ik i visited like 50 pokestops and nothing

      • Stacia Pleasant

        I haven’t gotten any either and I was out for like 2 hours playing

        • Luke Davies

          They drop randomly from poke stops

          • Julien C.

            I got one (“King’s Rock”) with my seven day Pokestop 🙂

          • Joel Jensen


        • Joel Jensen

          yea, my friend got the sun stone, dragon scale, metal coat, and upgrade in like 2 hours! WTF

        • Joel Jensen

          ive only gotten the sun stone and kings rock
          it sucks that you dont get evolution items from your 7 day streak anymore

        • Joel Jensen

          a lapras ran away from me 🙁 it was 1866 cp and it wouldve been my first lapras 🙁 </3 </3

        • Joel Jensen

          lel i have 99 larvitar candy and a pupitar ready to evolve
          i need one more

  • simo Weriaghli

    i got the metal coat fo scizor

    • Andreas Nilsson


      • Joel Jensen


    • Joel Jensen

      lucky mofo

  • SS_Slime

    farmed for hours and only got one sun stone

    • Joel Jensen

      samee ugh

  • Love It

    where can i get a stone ?