today we received a photo from a reader in Germany, showing a banner in a shopping mall in Leipzig, Germany. The shopping mall is part of the Unibail-Rodamco real estate group, the same group that is Niantic’s official Pokémon GO partner in Europe.

We are trying to verify this information both with Niantic and Reddit. This is not yet confirmed, so keep your hype in check. You can track our progress on the Siph Road subreddit. This article will be updated as new info comes in.

Update #3: New commercial shows that 18th of February is a Pokémon GO event in the mall, but removes “Silver and Gold” text. Cancel your hype trainers, these people just wanted free advertising.

Update #2: Shopping Mall removes Gen 2 posters, possibly after a call from Niantic marketing department. It’s still unclear if the info was incorrect or leaked ahead of time.

Update: new pictures submitted by our reader and a bit of info “the people on the information desks can’t give more Informations at the moment”:

Update: two of GO Hub readers from Germany are on the way to the mall in question. Their goal is to take more pictures and find out more about this poster.

Credit for this update goes to the “TNR Team-Mystic Crew” from Leipzig. Great work boys!

This is what we know so far:

Here’s the picture in question, translation is at the bottom:

The photo in question says the following:

Experience one of the best Pokemon Go Adventures Gold and Silver Pokémon… Catch them all – at Höfe am Brühl(a Mall in Leipzig) 18. Febuary 2 p.m

  • Otto Gustafsson

    According to my friend, who is a software developer and has reverse engineered the Java code of the Pokemon Go between the latest versions said that all of the new features are not yet ready for production use. They may release new berries and similar quite easy to implement features during the spring, but he does not except anything significant before the summer like trading. They have too much testing to do.

    Maybe the Gen2 Pokemons are released in parts; like you can evolve certain Pokemons when you have reached level high enough or they will be available from the eggs, increasing available pokemons month by month. Adding new Pokemons to the game is easy by him.

    This event in Germany is probably the release of the new pokestops in the mall. Those stops will give you Gen2 eggs only for certain days or something like that to lure people to visit the place.

    • ErikFossum

      Uhm, it’s not like Niantic can’t just …I dunno, update the app? The code doesn’t need to be present in an earlier build. The Silph Road regularly posts the contents of the code changes.

      • Otto Gustafsson

        Yes, you are right. It does not need to, but Niantic seems to include all new features to a single build where they are inactive to a regular user. Probably the beta testers can access them and Niantic is at the same time testing that the release runs correctly in all situations until the features are unlocked to normal players. The user base is so big that you cannot do major moves without proper testing.

        And, with separate builds, there would be no traces in code of the new features until they are released. Now they are there. I prefer a theory that the Gen2 Pokemons are released in groups during the spring, like baby Pokemons are already Gen2 Pokemons and released. Niantic keep the players interested in the game by not releasing everything at once and by giving only some new features every month players can more easily learn to use them.

  • CrustySaturn23

    Is this gonna happen? I think Niantic could pull the switch any day/week now because I am 99.9% sure they are ready for gen two officialy so check every few hours to see if they drop it! Could be the 18th we may never know!