Pokémon GO players worldwide have managed to unlock the Silver Challenge rewards tier, unlocking double stardust and even more Pokémon appearing! Roughly an hour ago, Niantic has tweeted the following video, sharing that we are now halfway done with unlocking Farfetch’d worldwide:

Just in time, if you ask us! The event lasts until November 26th, which means we achieved this catch mark just in time to reach the 3B marker before it ends. Double Stardust is a great incentive for everyone, as Stardust is the scarcest resource in Pokémon GO. We are expecting an additional increase in daily Pokémon caught.

Here’s a few additional tips for this reward tier:

  • Double Stardust really means double Stardust – unlike previous increased stardust events, it’s really 2x the amount you would usually get.
  • Make sure to catch and hatch everything you can – the Dust must flow
  • We are on route to unlock 3B, but don’t start slacking just yet – we’re roughly at the minimum required daily speed to hit the marker. Every catch matters, don’t be lulled into believing you can stop yet.

In addition, the game was updated to 0.83.3, a really minor bug fixing update that brought nothing new in the metadata. It’s just bug fixes for niche devices and a number of date formatting issues observed on Android.

It’s basically 0.83.1 with a new date format and some really minor compatibility fixes.


  • Greg

    Let’s see if they send out fairly and transparently distributed EX raid (or any supplement) invites too in order to get high level players back in the game. It was a major cause of frustration. Did 9 raids yesterday (7 at sponsored gyms and two in parks, as instructed).

  • Greg

    Is it only me lacking potions? Out of the last 43 pokestop spins, only 3 potions have been delivered. Got an old supply of 700 max potions/max revives, not a real issue for me, but it is odd anyway.

    • Havasi Kifli

      This has been going on for several days if not weeks. Very few potions drop now from stops.

      • Greg

        You could have received them from legendary raid battles, much fewer now as of yesterday. It is still OK, set aside for not being encouraged to do the regular gym battles any more. Maybe that’s the case. Plus new loads of golden razz berries enables “campers” to defend their gyms for hours. Zero chance to boot them out. Was fighting three defenders (max CP blissey, max CP snorlax and a high CP chansey) with two other guys at Sprint gym for 90 mins. Left with 35 dead/fainted CP 2700-3250 rhyhorns – despite dodging – and still unable to defeat the gym.

    • Michal Husak

      Yes. The potion rate is lower. The only one difference is I do not need to throw them to trash. If you fight efficiently no need for panic – just kill all pokemons in the gym by one of yours :-).

  • chr1zQ S1n

    the last update changed the strength of raidbosses, lvl 3 raids are no longer soloable.. usually i finished gengar with about 30 seconds left, today i couldn’t even beat it solo…

    • Michal Husak

      I had finished Gengar 10 minutes ago with 20 sec left. What you see is some statistic fluctuation ….

    • David Bentley

      I soloed a Scyther with 26 seconds to spare, I’m level 36.

    • Greg

      Depends on what your goal is. I see no point in catching gengar except to fill up your pokedex in case you haven’t got one already. I “Wasted” my free daily pass on metapod, finished it in 10 seconds, but it was at the SPONSORED gym…still waiting for my ex raid invite..;)

      • Erick Fournier

        How do you know it was a sponsored gym?

        • Greg

          There is a lebel “sponsored”.on the top right corner of the screen

      • Reggie Curtis

        Not sure you can get ex raid passes from anything but legendaries – you can’t guarantee there’ll be enough players on a normal raid and surely the servers would find it easier to look for single multiple instances rather than cumulative access at gyms worldwide?