the GO Hub forums are now open for registration! Here’s the official forum announcement:

Hello everyone, nice to have you on board!

We’re just started the forum, so it will take a few days to get everything completely up and running, however, you should have something to do already. Here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Enjoy your stay — very important!
  • Researchers, unite! subforum is for those interested in researching Pokémon GO
  • Share your battle strategy and discuss battles in Gym Battles subforums
  • Help build the Hub is the place to show off, get published and help build the hub

If you have any recommendations and requests, we’re listening.

GO Hub admin

  • CantGetME

    This is a LIE, GO Hub will not open its forums to EVERYONE. I’ve been getting accounts constantly banned cause they dont want me helping others get proper DPS charts. Is it such a sin to help others? Well apparently GO Hub doesnt give af what your motive is, if they dont like you they ban you. If you get to know me I’m a nice person but GO Hub really got me mad cause aint no way in helllllll im giving up my first amendment right to the freedom of speech only cause they have the power to ban accounts.

    Believe me I will get proper info out for yall no matter what GO Hub does to try to stop me,
    p i m p 5

    • Fabulousyo

      you ok bro?

      • CantGetME

        Yea im good, GO Hub getting on my nerves cause its amazing how far they will go only to ban a fellow trainer but cant let em get ya down eh. Only thing I can do is keep on fighting em till they address me personally to allow me to keep posting proper best moveset advice or if they finally talk to Trainer Tips or someone that can get them to calculate the right DPS for each mon. Till then every mistake they make… best believe Ill be there to point it out lol.

        Trolling? nah just a vision for the freedom of speech and getting out good info

    • Duque Favela

      Say don’t give up pimp, I’ve seen your posts and I know youve only been trying to help. They even acknowledge they’ve posted wrong information frequently but they never respond to you only the others so don’t give up I support you.

      • CantGetME

        Thnx for the support m8