Japan seems to be on fire with Pokemon GO recently, as they’ve been getting a lot of love from Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

Today, the official Pokemon GO account for Japan announced that they will be celebrating their “Golden (Goruden) Week” in style:

  • From April 29 to May 7, every PokeStop that happens to be a McDonald’s (Pokemon GO sponsor), will be lured!
  • Includes 2500 PokeStops

Goruden Week is a week long celebration in Japan, covering a number of holidays happening through out the week:

The official announcement

“During the period from April 29 (Sat) to May 7 (Sun), the petals will dance at “PokeStops” at about 2,500 domestic MacDonald’s, and the “Lure module celebration event” will be held, so that you can get a lot of Pokemon! GORuden Week goes to McDonald’s GO!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    This is great for the game.. sponsered event a good turning point and foundation for legendaries!!!! I wish we were all in japan but at the end of the day Japan Is after all pokemon central!!!

  • Shubham Khamaru

    This is highly unfair as all the special events takes place in japan…niantic is too biased towards japan…should be fair with other countries also…

    • deekaygames

      What other events has Japan gotten that was only for Japan?

      • Josh Hack

        Lapras event, for a start

        • deekaygames

          Sorry, I forgot that Japan paid for the two events to help boost tourism.

      • FireWulf

        Dude japan gets all the special events, they had a Snorlax event a couple weeks ago

        • deekaygames

          That’s right, I forgot because it was just a portion of Japan.

    • FireWulf

      Yea well the birthplace of Pokemon is of course going to get the best events

  • Flavio M

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they release the legendaries earlier on Japan or give them way more opportunities to catch them.

    • yong. zheng


    • MLG

      that would suck say if you were in the last hours to go back to your home country and you luckily catch a mewtwo and put it into a gym, people would pratically worship you

  • yong. zheng

    good new for those spoofers..

  • driftw00d

    PoGo is still pretty big in Japan, just makes sense for exclusive sponsored events during long holidays like the golden week.
    Spoofers that turns away the casual players from the game are not that common and there are many gyms also.