in an interview with el Periodico, Hanke shed more info on the news he unveiled yesterday. Pokémon GO is on a schedule to receive one major content update every three months, group play is coming and new Pokémon are announced

It’s yet unclear what “Ingress 2.0” means and which new Pokémon Hanke referred to, but it’s very exciting news!


How has the public reacted to the update? People seem very happy about the new Pokemon, about the new possibilities of characterizing the character. It has been noticed in the number of users and income. We have recovered users who had stopped playing.

Will there be more releases? We have scheduled the release of updates every quarter this year. People asked for updates, but you have to think that the six months before the launch we could only focus on the first version was very good. We could not think of the new functions, only in small details. Once launched, we were able to start designing the updates, and that’s what we’ll do now every quarter.

How will they be? There will be new functions. For example, being able to play cooperatively, group competitions. It is something that has worked in Ingress and is what we will adapt to Pokémon Go. There will also be new Pokémon.

And new games? I can announce that there will be Ingress 2.0, which will be released later this year. It will be a totally new version, something very important for the current players of Ingress but also for the new ones. We also have other projects, but unfortunately I can not talk about them.

  • Prinz Shahid

    3 months for every big update from a 1 billion $ company. They develop too slowly! After every update, players might feel very boring after 1 month. Lol

    This all updates now, should be released from the beginning. I don’t know why Niantic released a buggy app last year. This is not Nintendo like.

    • sumnh

      They were forced to release it unfinished so as to get the most from the summer audience.

      And i would rather wait for well put together big updates than be impatient and demand them all at once. If your getting bored of pokemon go then your doing it wrong. simply.

      • Prinz Shahid

        Its simple, people spend a lot of money and also demands from this game (like ban all gps spoofers or create an official joystick) . Why should be impatient?

        I hope they doing little bit more events, than the past 8 month. I can live with this 3 month, already waited too long. Look at fire emblem, there is every week with events new content, to let the players alive. This is for me a Nintendo game like. Developed, tested and then released, not otherwise.

        • Rillan

          Bored after month ? Then u supposed to be nerd that has no life and plays 24/7. Its only way i see how to get bored playing pokemon go. Try to play 1-2 hours per day or less. It gives much more when u enjoy playing not digging 24/7. And about impatience u are wrong, patch just came out and u already need new one ? Man calm down there is nowhere to hurry up unless u want to self-affirm by having high cp pokemon. But it only says u got some brain problems.

    • Anthony Pulliam

      This game is in no way associated with Nintendo. Pokemon is created by the Pokemon company not Nintendo. Nintendo publishes the Pokemon games that’s it. When you boot up Pokemon go do you see Nintendo anywhere?

      • Prinz Shahid

        But they have the copy rights for this game. Even though they don’t created this game. Look at Niantics pokemon go website:

        “©2017 Niantic, Inc. ©2017 Pokémon. ©1995-2017 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.”

        • Johan Dingemanse

          They have copyright on the pokémon and logo’s and such, not on the game. They only make money from what Niantic has to pay for being allowed to use pokémon related content.

      • Nick Sullivan

        The Pokemon company is part owned by Nintendo, and Nintendo is the sole owner of the Pokemon trademark.émon_Company
        Take your rage elsewhere please sir

    • SilverPT

      One major update every 3 months is perfectly normal. We’re still gonna have regular updates on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Alrich Fernandes

    When will the next update drop. if its after 3 months it should be in April

    • Dt Owens

      Well since gen 2 which was the first major update came out late february. Three months after that would be late may.. thats what im guessing.