the Korean opening of “Pokémon the Movie 20: I choose you!” will be followed by a special in-game event. Ho-Oh raid boss will be appearing in Korea from 21st to 31st of December, coinciding with the movie’s debut.

The following image was posted on the official Korean Pokémon website:

A really rough Google Translation of the post is as follows:

“December 21 (Thu) 20th anniversary commemorative opening “We decided to be Pocket Monster for theater!” To commemorate opening the seven-color tint that temporarily appeared on the worldwide raid battle is the only one in the world to appear again in Korea from Thursday, 21st to Sunday, 31st! You can also go on a quest to find the legendary Pokemon Seven Hues!”

Or via a different translation provider:

“The painting hue which appeared temporarily to the whole world RAID battle (Thur) (Sun) only appears from on the 21st until on the 31st in the whole world again to only Korea! “Also everybody seeks the Pokemon painting hue of legend and leave for the adventure!

In any case, if you happen to be in Korea during this event, send us a photo and we’ll update this article with it! 🙂

  • Leo Luo

    Why do they give so much to Korea and Japan?

    • Mike Blank

      im sure it is a about the popularity of the anime and also maybe the “must” generation of AR (expect to pass a new frontier of technology)

  • ikato kiyazaki

    whatever, not interested

  • randomman29

    I feel sorry for them, it means that they have less chances to get Groudon.

    • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

      They can still get Groudon just they can get ho-oh too just like they had birds at same time as entei

  • Tablekiller

    More events like this for other countries or regions where a good thing, not just in the lands of the rising sun. This is the 2nd or 3th event in row for this region…
    But luckily it’s just an Ho-Oh wich most people already have one 🙂

  • Hee Chan Chae

    Good! Good niantic, increasing the number of spoofers, increasing ur money, increasing “haters(no offense, actually u guys make sense)” that dont live in korea. I do live in korea and i think this is a very good move by niantic! (Sry for the sarcasm)

    • KoenB

      Don’t be hating.. There’s plenty going on right now in general, and plenty coming up.
      We’ve already had the opportunity to catch some Ho-oh’s and quite a lot of legendaries before that. Currently Groundon isn’t bad either.

      • Hee Chan Chae

        So u say niantic is putting a lot of effort in their game? Of course! NOT. Look at it closely, they r extending these deadlines for legendary raids. And they dont care about ppl who complain, proved by these limited events. I live in korea, but i think this isnt fair. They just try to get money and they dont care about their game. Dont u think so?

        • Dávid Bartoš

          They CARE. If they add legendaries such as (for example) Articuno or Suicune in raid again, it is not a bad thing. Not everyone has caught them during the week/month. They do events for Korea and Japan because this is where Pokemon started. There is almost no pause for Pokemon trainers, because Niantic is still adding something for us. I would not say “They don’t care about their game.”, but “Good job Niantic!”.

          • Hee Chan Chae

            I disagree with “adding something for us”. Niantic is trying to make money, not trying to give something. By adding more and more legendry raids, ppl buy more raid passes that are from cities, but this is increasing spoofers, which did not get anything due to the fact that they dont live in cities. Yes, it is a good thing for us if they add more legendaries again(i live in a city, i live in korea). But do u thinj they are doing this to make players playn like have more fun? Or do u think theyre not caring for their game and caring for money? I think theyre caring for money and theyre not caring for money. Well, and the no pause for pokemon trainers… How about the rest of the players who do not live in cities? They would quit, they would spoof etc. And u know they added the raid pass and super incubators for them, niantic should of made their game moreunique. Im not saying i h8 this game, i love the idea etc. Of this game, but i simply do not like how niantic puts their game together. Thx

        • KoenB

          To answer your question: No, I don’t think so at all.

  • Hee Chan Chae

    Translation for the post:

    12월 21일 포켓몬 영화 개봉 기념: In celebration of the pokemon movie(I choose you) that will be released on Dec. 21st.

    한국 단독 칠색조 재등장!: And with korea being the only country for ho-oh to reappear!

  • Nizar3003

    why always in korea ?

    • naz

      agree…WTF with this korean things? do they have enormous number of pogo player? do they give niantics more money from pokeshop? whatever the reason, it’s just not fair!

      • Sporadic Memories

        who will play fair game in this world ?

  • RudyGr


  • Ramadhan Sahri F

    I think niantic ignore many players in another country. The character didnt spread so well, the raid boss too, the update too. And focusing in lil bit country for special access, just like america, japan, korea. Why ?

  • robotic master

    Does it only have ho oh raid

  • robotic master

    I also need a help on getting an ex raid pass on this dec 25 ex wave

  • Sporadic Memories

    i told myself this is just a virtual game, if i don’t feel comfortable with it, i will drop it. So far i am happy to catch, to spin, to raid, to fight for gyms, to meet legit players and spoofers (why call them spoofers ? i rather call them Sky or Angels, save us while we don’t have enough raiders at site,) By the way, This is just a game, isn’t it ?

    • hkmaly

      We call them air support.

  • The Knight

    where in korea?