we have a few announcements we want to share with our readers. All of them are Hub related and impact the future of the Hub directly.

You, our readers, are everything to us. Your trust and support in the past 8 months changed our lives. Because of that, we feel strongly about keeping you in the loop with important changes to the Hub.

Let’s get started!

1. Team Eevolution

Team Eevolution is a group of Spanish players who have successfully and correctly leaked the Water Festival, the Shiny Magikarp and the release date for Generation II.

Although we are not allowed to say how and where they get their info from, we are allowed to say that we have gained access to a very confident source of leaks.

And yes, we know that one member of the Team Eevelution promoted spoofing on a Youtube channel. Our attitude towards spoofing is well known – we hate it. After a long and honest discussion with Eevelution, we decided to risk it and give this relationship a shot, as we want to get better info on the upcoming features.

We still hate spoofers more than anything else.

2. Here be leaks

Following up on that, we will be occasionally publishing leaks provided by Team Eevolution. These posts will be clearly marked as POTENTIAL LEAKS, to avoid any confusion and premature hype trains.

We had a small incident this month with the “premature hype train”, which we want to address in number 3. below.

3. The Shiny Bulbasaur incident

If you haven’t been following us on Twitter, we published our public apology for the “Shiny Bulbasaur incident”. Here’s the same apology, again:

We were wrong about the Shiny Bulba. We apologise — Niantic won’t fool us again this easy!

Also, we respect your time and don’t want to waste it with news like this. If you unfollow us, we’ll understand – we messed up.


The thing is, the promo image featured a weird color scheme and lighting setup that threw us off. It’s not unusual for Niantic to hide or hint features in Social Posts, so we were quite certain that this was a hint.

Even our color analysis clearly showed that the average color temperature and spectrum alignment was in the “lime green” territory more than the in-game version.

Turns out, it wasn’t. Sorry for the hype and premature announcement, we’ll be MUCH more careful next time.

Thanks again to everyone who tweeted to us about the issue with their doubts. We read every tweet, maybe we do not answer every, but we read all of them.

4. The YouTube channel

Yes, it’s maybe happening. We are still figuring out how, the content strategy, etc… but there are plans to bring you the first Pokémon GO channel dedicated to data mining and game research.

Stay tuned.

5. Our Generation 3 coverage

Pokémon GO Aggron, Lairon and Aron
Pokémon GO Aggron, Lairon and Aron

We’ll be continuing the Gen 3 coverage and theory crafting. We’ll also be publishing a few INITIAL and SPECULATIVE Tier Lists for those Pokémon. No, we have no idea when Gen 3 is coming. Yes, we are still writing about it. Why? Because we want to do two things:

  • create content ahead of time so we are not overwhelmed when it launches
  • familiarise our readership with Gen 3 ahead of time, as many have expressed that Gen 2 is the last Generation they are really familiar with

And that’s it. If you have any objections, please share it in the comments below. We always read through your comments and we appreciate the time you put into writing them.

GO Hub Admin

  • Josh Hack

    Hope this community lasts

    • Don’t worry trainer, we’re here to stay. ?

  • Jarad Glorfield

    All good. No big deal about the Shiny Bulbasaur everyone makes mistakes. Keep up the great work!

  • Sandeep San-d

    Keep the incredible work going team

  • Sui

    I always look forward to going on this website. I don’t care if 1/10 of the information is wrong because you never can expect much from niantic and 9/10 of the information is correct

  • Sui

    I love this community

  • Sui

    I would love to also see a YouTube channel ?

  • MoyOlvera

    So you are making team with the spoofers and cheaters. Paranoias Gamers it’s a fkn spoofer. Her channel it’s full of that content, and some weeks ago you ask the community to not watch that type of content but from another Youtuber, why?.

    • Not sure who is Paranoias Gamers honestly or how do they relate to Eevelution team. Can you provide more info?

  • doomzelda

    Good job guys, I open this page everyday to see what new info is release.

  • @h2o_cm

    “Thanks again to everyone who tweeted to us about the issue with their doubts. We read every tweet, maybe we do not answer every, but we read all of them.”..this ok..

  • Hazael Govea

    I loce this community! You are my first information source about pokego. Also, don’t worry about the shiny bulbasur many people thought the same and it’s ok! Keep the great job guys!

  • MoyOlvera

    You delete my comment because i pointed out that you are making team with a spoofer and cheater like paranoias gamer?

    • MoyOlvera

      She’s a girl, member of the eevolution team. She has a Youtube Channel named “Paranoias Gamer” as you can see in all the images that the team share. Well in her channel she shares all the info and show you how to spoof, cheat and crack Pokemon GO.
      The title of the most popular video in her channel:
      JOYSTICK FLY GPS POKÉMON GO Juega desde casa.
      So you say you are against spoofers, and the you team on with them.

  • Martin Spano

    Why would anyone be irritated about the shiny Bulbasaur article? It was speculation with thorough analysis of why it could be possible. If some readers took it as fact, when it was clearly speculation, then you don’t want them as readers anyways because they’ll obviously twist anything you write.

    • Emmatigerlily

      I know, I thought the same. What they offered was theories, I took it as that and I’m not going to take it out on the hub team just because it wasn’t quite right. It clearly wasn’t click bait or done to gain attention.

  • “Please, do not watch FsuAtl”
    Honestly, the hard-on you guys have for this youtuber is a bit ridiculous. There are other spoofers on youtube, why keep demonizing this guy? He’s actually one of the more entertaining ones.

  • Kenny Honeycutt

    Sounds good to me

  • Larry Tan

    There was not an issue as expected there was no New shiny pokemon released after water festival. Like your information and kept a good job!

  • Mary Tarleton Slominski

    Thanks for your transparency. O respect that. Btw, has anyone researched the gen 2 Eevee evolutions? After the Easter egg of typing in the names Sakura and Tamao, it has been well published that you can evolve an Umbreon and Espeon by making them your buddy, walking them for 10K, and then evolving the Eevee at either night or day depending on which evolution you want. However, I believe that is the ONLY way you can get an Umbreon or Espeon. Since the Gen 2 release, I have evolved literally over 100 Eevees the “regular” way and have not gotten one Gen 2 evolution. That is why I believe walking them and then evolving them at either day or night is the only way to get a Gen 2 Umbreon or Espeon evolution. What do you think?

  • Kelly Hukill

    I do not think spoofing is right either HOWEVER, I’m a HUGE PROPONENT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH & PRESS. Which means I take deep offense that PG Hub wastes anytime telling ppl not to listen to other PG Utubers bcz you simply disagree. TOLERANCE is something this Country needs desperately. Those Utubers have the same right to publish PG content. By acknowledging them you only incite them to put out more how to hack vlogs. Ignore & move on. Its Nitanics responsibility to stop spoofers & hackers not ours. We simply dont watch bcz we choose not to not bcz you tell us not to. While we may not like it that they have the same rights it does ensure everyones freedoms. Thats worth it in the long run. Just ignore ppl like that theyll dry up eventually & it forces Nitanic to get active. Thanks for allowing me my opinion.

  • suloku mago

    I don’t mind people spoofing at all, but I do mind spoofers taking gyms, or even worse: leveled bot accounts that spoofers then use to take gyms.

    • Josh Hack

      They right attitude to have, suloku

  • Keep the good work, you guys are the best!