one of our London field agents (thanks Daniel!) had the privilege to attend the Mixed Reality Summit during the London Games Festival, which featured John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic.

Hanke joined the panel for a fireside chat, discussing the present and the future of Pokémon GO and AR market in general. Fortunately, Hanke shared some very important bits of information for the future of Pokemon GO!

Without further ado, here are all the important quick bits that Hanke shared:

  • 65M trainers play the game every month – ‘healthy number of players’!
  • Unity3D is not going anywhere, Niantic is continuing to use it for future development
  • Hanke highlighted the idea of “outdoor social cooperative gameplay” many times, confirming that this what they’re working on right now
  • Hanke also said that the version they launched in 2016 was only the “social component” of the game they want to have in 2017 (see Quote #1)
  • Ingress to be relaunched later this year

We were surprised to hear how progressive Hanke’s plans are, as they’re mostly focused on three things: innovation, teamplay, outdoors. Hanke hinted they’re exploring innovative options for Pokémon GO; they’re not shying away from experiments.

The guiding line of his chat was that AR is just starting and that Pokémon GO opened the “mixed reality” doors for everyone.

Some interesting quotes he shared:

  1. “Group play and social play are key to those sort of products.” – referring to AR games
  2. “Wearable tech complements phone nicely, but can’t deliver full game”
  3. “Innovation is good; the next big thing will be something people don’t expect and that hasn’t been done before” – Hanke referring to the general world of AR gaming
  4. “What shipped is a pretty pure version of what was envisioned for Pokémon Go. More features to come this year tho!”

All in all, a great talk with quite a bit of information. Big thanks to Daniel of London fame for reporting!

  • Imseos1

    ok pls help my i am a stupid old man so please explain me : What are the sozial features we have now ingame? i only see two small pieces :

    1. lures … ok whats the differnts betwenn setiing up a lur at midnight for me alone (+girlfriend) ore at 5 pm … for me nothing changes other play can sit with me and cath some pokemons together but we not interacting every player sit in his one instanz like wow servers

    2. Gyms … ok the same i didnt see a differnc its nothing with team work i can take down every gym alone without any other players …

    so where a features whre i can play with other like trade pokemon have a local championship etc… or a ingame communication … so i dont want to give my whatapp number to “strange ” people in my area …an i have to explain it to my girlfriend …. hey this sweet 21 year old with the mega boobs in her profil pic is a local player ^^ i didnt cheat with you^^

    • Sylke Aumund (Blyde)

      Play Ingress! There you’ll have a great community. The Resistance needs you! ?

      • grgreene

        The Enlightened may be less needy but we
        are more snarky.

      • Alpha M4tt


    • GO Hub Admin

      Niantic’s attitude is that the whole game is a “social feature”, due to how many meetups and group hunts were organised. We also do not agree that it’s a good enough answer, but we have to admit, the social component of Pokémon GO is strong.

    • tap836

      Social in that the game is designed to try to get people together in small areas in cities where it benefits players far more than anywhere else. They leave the interaction to the players after that.

  • Amir Sama

    maybe u mean 65m active botter? :v