according to the official GameStop website (link was disabled by GS recently), several GameStop locations are soon to become PokéStops. In addition, 50 existing store locations will be “dropping Poké Lures in the near future”. The website opens up with the following message:

“Select GameStop Stores are now PokéStops! Running low on Pokéballs, Potions, Lure Modules or Revives? We’ve got you covered!”

Curiously, Trainers have reported that none of the GS stores are considered to be sponsored Stops. There is an additional chunk of text at the bottom of the page stating the following:

“As you probably already know, Pokemon GO has officially taken over the world. Pokemon GO is now bigger than Twitter! But did you know that 350 GameStop locations are either a PokeStop (place to collect items and Poke Balls) or a Pokemon Gym (place to train your Pokemon)? And we even have 50 GameStop locations dropping Poke Lures in the very near future!”

GameStop locations won’t be actually dropping Lure Modules as player drops, but they will be dropping (activating) them on select locations. This promotion is limited to USA and it’s happening in on November 16th, which is just one day before the release of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon on 3DS.

We are aware that GameStop will be selling a number of Pokémon Center items, but we do not know to what extent.

  • Men Neke

    Why only in USA?

    • WingedSupernova

      Because of licensing laws and agreements. Gamestop USA is who’s partnering with them, not Gamestop as a whole.

      • Men Neke


      • peponzio

        Yeah, same happened with Starbucks. There are Starbucks in my country but we never got the deal that was happening in USA Starbucks.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      I wish I could say its because we are better… but the facts just don’t support that.

  • aapenkilde

    Pogo has become a joke. I resigned playing after level 39. Thank God for Draconius Go!

    • Simone Amoruso

      Ok, bye then… seriously, what do you even want us to say if you decided to stop playing? 🤔 It’s your decision, go play DraGo and stop breaking the still-playing-trainers’ pokeballs!

      • aapenkilde

        I loved the game, so I have emotions for it. That’s why I commented. I hope Niantic read comments. They neglect rural players and give to sponsored urban brands. I would love to start playing again if they added some new features, gameplay and pokestops. Now it’s pretty much a dead game.

        • RehTreau

          You should probably take your comments to somewhere a Niantic rep will be likely to see them then, not a 3rd party fan site.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            “not a 3rd party quasi-fan (mostly sellout) site.”

            Fixed that for you!

          • Chris Denton

            Like their support email they don’t check?

        • Monica Matos

          How did you manage to get to level 39 hating the game? I love the game and play as much as I can, but I’m only level 35!

  • Chris Smith

    This is old news. The links you reference are from an event last August.

  • Dan

    I certainly hope that the one near where I work is a gym. I have to pass it every day. I’d sure like to get that badge to Gold quick!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Niantic no one give a ……. !! Release Gen 3 thats all we ask for! You got over $1 billions so use it!! If not hurry up and make Wizards Unite!

    • Chris Denton

      Wizards unite will be the same trash as ingress. There will be nothing outside of cities in that game either. Gen 3 isn’t what pogo needs. Eventually, yes, but right now we need something to do with the Pokémon we have. It’s so dumb that all there is to do is raid battle the same Pokémon you already have in order to get more of the same. This game promotes catching the same 6 Pokémon for every aspect of the game. Why do we need more Pokémon to do the same thing?

      Not local multiplayer and not something that revolves around being in a city.

      • Robert Byrne

        Couldn’t agree more

    • Austin Tang

      Coming in December

  • reygie reyes

    For me, Pogo is still the best AR game at present.

  • Jeet Kumar

    Please make some pokestop and poke gym here 23.27340300; 77.40298400