this is not a drill!!! The new gym system is alive and kicking.

Remember everything we’ve been preparing you for. Get that battery, charger, shoes, water bottle, GO Hub coverage and GO!

Pokémon GO Gym and Raid Update

  • Heydavid17

    It does indeed look all awesome.

    While it’s all new, then I shall enjoy the 9 gyms there is in my town, until some over powered bastards take over everything unfairly =P

    Anyhow, it doesn’t seem like you can collect coins anymore, any idea about that?

    • John Jorgensen

      From what I understand, you don’t get coins until you Mon return home after being defeated in a gym. Once they return home, you receive your defender bonus depending on how long your Mon was defending.

      • Heydavid17

        Damn! That sucks in a way

        • John Jorgensen

          It does and it doesn’t. From what I’m understanding, you get 1 coin per hour that you defend a gym. So if you’re defending a gym for the 21hrs that it used to take to collect coins, you now get 21 coins instead of just 10. But in the same respect, you can no longer collect 10 coins just for putting yourself on a gym. So while it has its positives, it also has its negatives.

  • Nicholas Ivan

    Heydavid17, you can collect coins… your pokemon come back with your coins when they’re ousted from the gym 🙂

    • Christopher

      Not that I have experienced. Had 110 coins before I claimed the gym and still 110 coins after the pokemon was sent back.

  • Jeffrey Stevens

    Anyone else not getting badges?

    • smurfx

      Same here, no badges.

    • Alex Stefaniak

      Same here. I must have spun half a dozen. ONE appeared to drop something I’d never seen before, but the Gym Badges section of my trainer screen says I haven’t collected any.

    • Lorddacc

      Spun 3 gyms and no badges either. Maybe server problems, since my game got stuck twice loading gyms I was exiting.

    • John Jorgensen

      After going to 8 different gyms, putting a Mon in, feeding everyone berries, and spinning the photo disc, I received a badge for one of the 8 gyms I went to… I hope they fix this issue. I was really looking forward to getting badges for every gym I goto.

    • An-D T

      After putting a mon in a few gyms, I hadn’t got any, a few hours later when my mon came back the badges showed up. Maybe there’s just a delay on everything

  • Jon Morales

    I’m still at work GAAAAAAHHHHH!!! LOL cant wait to get off!

    • Jeffrey Stevens

      I straight up walked out of my office to nab the gyms at the train station near by

  • Higher_Ground

    Great, in the hour or so they’ve been up I see that like 4-5 people have claimed almost a dozen around me. Here’s to hoping they were already planning on going for a walk and not sitting at a computer hacking the whole thing.

    And it didn’t take long to see someone cheating. There’s two eerily similar accounts on different teams taking up alternating Mystic and Valor gyms…. hint to future cheaters: Don’t make both account names virtually identical to each other.

    • jstaylor62

      Yeah, I saw cheaters at the first gym I went to. Same guy runs ChadInOKC, GrantInOKC & FlyInSwa. But at least he was in person and on-site.

      Fighting two monsters when he drove up, fed berries and proceeded to drop off a Gyrados, Dragonite and Blissey. He did the same thing at another gym around the corner.

  • Jeffrey Stevens

    Can anyone else try to corroborate my result of about 16% of max CP motivation loss for defeating a Pokemon in a gym?

  • Lorddacc

    You can use Nanab berries to increase your Pokemon motivation!
    How long will it take for your Pokemon to gather coins? Does it need 1 hour defending the place to get any when gets back to us?

  • Christopher

    Badges are now live

  • Christopher

    As are the coins. I received one coin for a pokemon being in a gym for roughly an hour.

  • Pascal F

    Can someone please explain how the coins work now. Can we still get 10 coins every 21 hours?
    Some of my pokemon will be in very “quiet” gyms that rarely get taken down. Will they still bring coins if I keep feeding them?

    • Christopher

      From my experience, it seems to be 1 coin per hour, no idea if there is a coin limit though. Pokemon deteriorate in gyms even without fighting so you will need to feed them berries to keep them healthy

      • Pascal F

        Thanks. Do I need to physically be near the gym to be able to feed them?
        And is it just Nanab berries that they eat?

        • Christopher


        • Ashe Wainui-Mackle

          They eat any berry

      • Lorddacc

        Really? I had a Snorlax in a gym for 2h+ and he got back with zero coins…

        • Lorddacc

          Update: I got the coins from that Snorlax the next morning.

          • Pascal F

            I’ve had a Pokemon lose all the motivation but it didn’t return on it’s own.
            Seems like they have to defeated in battle, no matter what.

      • the2000guy

        The limit per day is 100 coins as Niantic’s George from Reddit explained. You can defend a maximum of 20 gyms at a time. This last that I’m going to explain is not verified as of now, but each Pokemon defending can give you at most 10 coins per day. So, the same Pokemon defending a gym if it stays longer than 10 hours you can receive only 10 coins per Pokemon.

  • Naideth

    There now seems to be a gym cap of 20 gyms, that should help with the cheaters. Trying to go for gym 21 on my way home from work I got an error. Majority of the gyms didn’t have people in them yet, I imagine I will be down to less than 10 shortly.

  • driftw00d

    What level do I need to be to join raid battles? I have two RAID going on gyms near me but it said raid battles are not available for my level. I’m only at level 31.

  • Daniel

    How do you collect your coins??

  • John Jorgensen

    Is anyone else noticing that the motivation drops off Pokémon in gyms at a ridiculous rate even while they aren’t being battled against? I put my Tyranitar in a gym and within an hour it had dropped almost 1000CP. Of course I went and fed it berries, and everyone else in the gym too, but if the motivation keeps dropping this fast, there’s no way that people are going to be able to keep up with the upkeep. Especially since you get an error half the time you’re trying to feed other people’s Pokémon.

    • Ashe Wainui-Mackle

      I don’t know if this is confirmed, but in my experience the motivation drops slower with more Pokemon in the gym.

  • Paranormal

    OMG, this game is so awesome !