Today is a good day for the European Pokemon GO players! According to MMO Server Status website report, it looks like additional servers were added to Europe – one per country by the looks of it.

New Pokemon GO Servers deployed in Europe
New Pokemon GO Servers deployed in Europe

We are still trying to verify if these servers are real or just false positives, as Niantic has not issued a public statement/tweet regarding the new servers yet. According to Down Detector the servers were unavailable during a for 6 – 8 hours yesterday, which would indicate that Niantic deployed EU servers during that period. The downtime window roughly correlates with work hours in San Francisco, US where Niantic headquarters are located.

Pokemon GO Servers down
Pokemon GO Servers downtime in last 24 hours


Edit #2: A few new servers were added for Asian players also!

Edit: In order to verify this news, we’re running a poll here and also watching comments on our reddit post. So far, it looks like MMO Server Status is correctly reporting.

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  • pokenazi

    posts like these are useless without a timestamp……….

    • sup

      it says July 19, 2016 at the top, is that not good eneough

    • l2read

      it says July 19, 2016 at the top, is that not good eneough

  • 17:40 in Bulgaria. Servers a lagging terrible at the moment…

  • KhorneYT

    I hope the bug with the footprints will be patched soon
    I cant search for that one Pokemon i wanna search for

  • Terah

    Still not available in France …

  • Nikola

    Serbia still isnt added -.- Cmon

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  • pertruit

    Albania still isnt added

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