we’ve observed a number of reports that indicate that a new Safety Net update (deployed by Google) is causing issues for a large number of Pokémon GO players.

Safety Net is a Google service for identifying and preventing threats on mobile devices that is used by Niantic to protect Pokémon GO. A new Safety New update rolled out recently and started causing havoc.

Interestingly, a redditor reported that this issue is happening regardless if you rooted your device or not:

Starting today, my and my SOs phones, (both ZTE ZMax Pros running on T-Mobile) have been receiving random SafetyNet failures. The “device or OS is not compatible” message when loading or reloading PoGo. We have been using these phones without issue for the last eight months.

And before someone asks, no, the phones have never been rooted/modified. In fact, these phones cannot be rooted; no one has been able to break the ZTE system on these phones. ZTE locked these phones down tight and as such should never fail a SafetyNet check.

I tested the SafetyNet response using a Play Store app and confirmed the response is getting a mismatch error some times. I can test it once and get a failure then a few seconds later test it again and pass.

Is anyone else having this issue? Did Google introduce a bug in an update to their the SafetyNet system API?

How to fix the issue

There is no definitive fix for the problem, but Trainers are reporting that restarting the app helps.

Affected devices

  • Multiple ZTE devices
  • OnePlus One and OPO 2
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi 4
  • LG G3
  • Alcatel One Touch
  • Pascal F

    OnePlus One here, restarting the app and phone doesn’t change anything.

    • Pascal F

      The phone was NOT rooted

  • RaHul Sharma

    One Plus X and RedMi 3s prime as well

  • Lello Raffaele

    Some problem with xiaomi mi mix and xiaomi mi4

  • ダーク マウジー

    OPPO F1s affected, ASUS zenfone max did not. tried restart app n phone did not fix the issue, and restored after 5~10mins.

  • Ben

    Asus zenfine selfie is also affected. Restarting the app fixed it for me.

  • Deminox

    The fact that rooted devices are now blocked is total BS anyways. People don’t root to hack, (99.999% of the time) they root because manufacturers dropped support for the device, and the device still works. I payed almost $600 for a Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet that they abandoned immediately. The only way to get any OS past KitKat was to root and ROM.

    Cheaters will ALWAYS find a way to cheat. Don’t punish honest players.

    • Abhijit Biswas

      Rooted phones can be used to play, my friend has a rooted phone with 3 apps, GPS spoofing, preventing soft bans and telling desired apps on phone that the device is not rooted.

      So it’s absolutely easy for him to keep playing as he wants, no banning whatsoever. He is changing locations every minute too. Only innocent people will get hurt in all this.

      • Deminox

        *some* rooted devices, usually only those running stock. For those of us that can only upgrade via ROM, like unofficial CM Nightlies, on devices like Samsung that require a whole new kernel, not so much.

        • Marie Brousseau

          Deminox…PLEASE help me!! I don’t usually post like this and not even sure if this is where I do. Sorry. I’ve been looking around for someone who knows what he is talking about (clearly you know your stuff) that can possibly give me some guidance. I emailed someone else like you and he wasn’t as informative as I thought. He pretty much repeated the things I had mentioned without giving me steps to complete.

          I’ve been searching online for days now and am reading a bunch of variations (depending on different criteria) and now sure what to do exactly (making sure Android download doesn’t required too much memory (only need basic “install” without added features). I keep reading about Remix OS and believe I would choose this one but not sure.

          If you are willing to try and help me out. Here are some details: I apologize for the length of it.

          I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 which has the boot manager missing (also says press Ctrl+Alt+Delete) that screen that everyone dreads at start up. A friend of mine who was trying to optimize it messed with the partitions. He said he thought C drive should be “active” partition and not other one listed (recovery/something else??). I have no computer of my own right now and this is not good. Lol.

          I read about Android X86 Project and want to install on my computer (Dell). Once I install it on the USB flash drive I have (8 GB), do you foresee me having any problems? Do you have any suggestions/ideas you would be willing to give me?

          I wasn’t too happy with how sluggish and unresponsive my computer was and really want to do a complete erase (format entirely) of any/all partitions to start fresh anyways. I want to install the Android operating system on Dell Inspiron hard drive to replace EVERYTHING (no traces of anything..too slow as it is).

          Let me tell you a few things first:


          Dell Inspiron Mini 1010, CPU Type: Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU 2520, CPU Speed: 1330 Mhz, CPU Cache Size: 512 KB, Fixed hard drive/ Size 160 GB, System Memory: 640 KB, Extended Memory: 1014 MB.

          I realize there’s not that that much memory but I want to install Android system with the least amount of options. I can’t stand all the additional/added programs that are absolutely useless. (just saying:) The main purpose for me is connecting and using the internet, listening to music with Youtube, emailing, and lastly, maybe accessing Google Photos because I like to take pictures of my dog that I share with others occasionally.

          I’m not totally computer literate but hopefully can pull this off with some detailed step by step guidance. I would really appreciate it.

          I currently have a Samsung Galaxy On5 with Android on it. I’m not sure but I believe the Android X86 product is dependent on this, correct? I have not rooted it yet because not sure how to do it. Do I do this first? Is it necessary? I can look online for steps if need be.

          I currently have a SanDisk USB flash drive “memory stick” which after reading about installation sounds like it has to be formatted first. Problem is that I am using a friends HP Chromebook Model #14-Q049 computer (no cd/dvd drive) and can’t seem to figure out how to format usb. It runs on a Google OS and so different than I’m used to. There is no avaiable option to allow ‘format’. I believe I need to download an HP usb tool program to do it. Does that sound correct?

          Anyways, hoping I covered everything. I only have until tomorrow morning to do this. My friend is coming to get it back.

          P.S. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way… there a way I can use this operating system/”working computer” having Google OS on it to somehow install on my Dell and use instead. I am soooo lost right now.

          Thanks in advance,


  • Alisson Eduardo

    Lenovo Vibe K5 (Brazil) is also Affected.

  • Josh Hack

    I phone 5c has problems as well, for some reason

  • Marie Elisabeth Hudson

    My I Phone 5 S is playing up too, never done anything wrong and played from
    the start and now it does keep hanging, I keep turning app on and of but
    every pokemon is stuck in ball and then the game crashes.

  • Nguyen Ngoc Tu

    I am using Xiaomi Note 3 Pro (Snap Dragon chipset). Still play good. No root

  • Marian Feinauer

    I have a ZTE Max pro. Have been playing with no issues sense December then on last Wednesday started getting this device not compatible and the learn more link would not work. Sometimes it would let me in the game then error after about 10 minutes and give same message. I gave up and uninstalled Po go. Can’t play so why have it on here.

  • Rezhah

    My phone was also affected about 30 minutes. Im using lenovo K5 plus. No root

  • Theresa Horne

    I found that turning the gps off when I log in/start the game, and then turn it on after it fully loads works for me.

    (Miui Redmi Pro, android 6.0)

  • Gabriel Tulli F. Netto

    Mi5 with same behavior…

  • Demoncat

    I can bypass safetynet checks with magisk. Like literally, 20 seconds of my time. I don’t play Pokemon go anymore but you can clearly see how putting safetynet on it is useless; it really only harms legit users. Any experienced person with rooting will never have issues with being blocked.

    I can even use my rooted phone on an Enterprise network

  • Calvin Wiranata NG

    OP2 here! Still found the issue even after reinstall the app. It was getting normal after reboot my OP2 several times.

  • Mayk D DoUrden

    LG G5 works good, at the begging i had problem with no GPS signal, but now all ok. Problem with GPS was not because of this. No root, no cheat.