roughly nine hours ago, at exactly 12:00 AM Thursday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a new wave of EX Raid invites has gone live!

It’s a massive wave again, targeting non-sponsored gyms all across the globe. The raid is mostly scheduled at 12:00-13:00 and happens on 1st of October.

By the way, it seems that Australia and Canada are included also! G’day to all Aussie and Canadian trainers, nice to have you onboard.

We can confirm that the invites are also live in wider areas of Europe (England included too!), North America, South America and Asia.

It’s getting really hard to track all of the reports, as our Twitter report thread just went  over 200 replies and our mail has more than 150 unread messages. Well, it sure looks like a really big wave of invites.

Here are a few tips before we try to list all the confirmed places. If you got an EX Raid invite, be sure to read our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide. If you did not get an invite, make sure to do the following:

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And now for the listing of confirmed raid invites, this time grouped by country:

Australia Mount Waverly, Cranbourne East, Tyabb, Springvale, Boronia, Caroline Springs, Weribee, Wyndham Vale, Wangaratta, Sale, Ballarat, Wagga Wagga
Mexico Guadalajara, Ocotlan, Puebla, Guanajuato
United Kingdom Multiple locations
Canada Saguenay, Nova Scotia
Brasil Rio de Janeiro
USA Keansburg, Millville, North Brunswick, Tom’s River, and Livingston
Ireland Limerick, Fermoy
Germany Sankt Wendel
Philippines Iloilo City
Croatia Split, Trogir, Zagreb
Italia Lombardia, Milan, Rome
Ecuador Ambato
Wider Europe A lot of reports left and right
  • Oliver

    Confirmed locations for the state of Victoria, Australia so far…

    Caroline Springs
    Cranbourne East
    Mount Waverley
    Wyndham Vale

    • Thank you!

      • Edwin Fung

        Niantic isolate Hong Kong!

    • manan singh

      Any gym name plz

  • Bobby van Hooff

    Also got one. Tilburg, Netherlands

    • manan singh

      Name of the gym

      • Bobby van Hooff


  • Iancu Ungureanu

    Romania: Bucharest, Brasov

    • manan singh

      Gym name

  • Kenni Guldbæk-Olesen

    Got an invite for the city of Hjoerring, Denmark 🙂 Weee!

    • manan singh

      Gym name

      • Kenni Guldbæk-Olesen

        Wall Art Woman On Terrasse

  • Confirming Porto Alegre in Brazil and Ghent in Belgium.

    • manan singh

      If we raid now..will we get pass on that gym..plz tell the name of gym

      • I’m not sure manan, but you can try. Mazu Bue Graffiti PokéStop in Ghent.

        • manan singh

          Thnx lucas I will try now

        • manan singh

          And Lucas what about of the gym?

          • Are you spoofing?

          • manan singh

            Not really .but will try anything for ex pass

      • Jacob Peter Dokter


  • Can confirm Grenaa in Denmark has gotten ex-raid invites too

    • manan singh

      Plz tell the name of the gym

  • PoGo Bruxelles TL38

    confirmed locations in Belgium :

    Geraardsbergen (Grammont)

    need to be confirmed :

    • I can confirm in Ghent: Mazu Bue Graffiti PokéStop, close to the city center.

  • Jack Harmsen

    Also a raid in holland, heerhugowaard ( a smal city)

    • Gekkie

      and in Emmen (also small city)

  • manan singh

    If I raid now on any gym..which will have ex raid soon..will I get a pass

    • Jacob Peter Dokter


  • Ben

    Can confirm New Zealand has also received a roll out. One in my city of Dunedin

    • manan singh

      Any gym name confirmed?

  • i can confirm the city of “São José Dos Campos” in Brazil on the “Aquarius Center – Navio” Gym

    • manan singh


  • Edwin Fung

    Niantic almost release Ex raids worldwide but I can’t find one in Hong Kong.

  • Roland Childs

    Also in South Africa….Pretoria and Cape Town so far

  • Bogdan Voicu Ban

    Arad, Romania. Gym names (3): Primaria Arad , Monumentul Ostasilor , Statuie Vasile Goldis.
    We are many players and we do not want to feel left out, the gyms are in the middle of the city and it is a good meeting place for everyone. Thnxs for this chance!

  • Michal Husak

    Czech Republic – multiple locations in at least 5 cities …

  • KoenB

    The Netherlands, south of Limburg:
    Beek: Eyewitness WW2 museum
    Brunssum: Vlinders

    • Robdebobrob

      The Netherlands Breda: Medicijn Man, Mikado.
      Both gyms at the edge of the city so i didnt get them myself. So much for busy, centered gyms.

  • Jeanroux Horn

    Windswept figure, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 😀

  • Lisandro Eduardo Ber


  • pooranspress

    I got in Manipal, Karnataka, India

  • Edwin Fung

    It is not absolutely released ‘worldwide’!

    • manan singh

      Yeah Ur right not even in india

  • Andrzej LittleMissy

    Poland, Płock, Energa Mural gym

  • Leozinho

    In Brazil, Belo Horizonte and multiples city of the state of Minas gerais as confirmed

  • Arafat Arnob

    Confirmed location of Bangladesh
    Roundabout Monument
    Baitun Nur Mosque

    • manan singh

      If I raid on these gym..will I get a pass now

      • Arafat Arnob

        No you won’t
        These ex pass are the result of a raiding a long time ago

        • Robdebobrob

          here people who have raided at that gym 2 weeks ago didnt get any. Seems to have been somewhere in the last week.

          • Charito Jaquin

            I know for certain that the ex pass I received was from a raid over 3 weeks ago. I hadn’t raided in my area in 2 weeks and hadn’t been in the town I got the pass in for longer than that. I was on vacation hundreds of miles away.

  • Johnson Ning

    If i raid in sponsor gym like starbuck, will i get the ex raid pass.??

    • Arafat Arnob

      It might increase the chance
      Not every starbucks got an ex raid

  • doomzelda

    I’ve got my ex-raid invite at Pereira, Colombia, The gym is Called “Lucy Tejada” In my local group, more than 30 players got the pass.

  • denis24

    I can confirm for Romania too.

  • Confirmed Locations for México:


    And more…

    • Johnson Ning

      Bro did you get one

    • Mr. Trick

      Got one from Michoacán

  • Alton Wong

    Hong Kong! Where is Hong Kong???

    • Edwin Fung

      Sorry to interrupt I think HK will be available for Ex raids once it is released worldwide.
      I’m also a HongKonger so I feel the same as you. Don’t worry about that, the day will eventually come.

      • Alton Wong

        I think I will need to wait for a long time.(crying)

        • Edwin Fung

          You may create an account in the Go Hub forum to express your view as a HongKonger. My account name is Yoshi and my posts and comments may help you out.

          • Jay Kit

            People have received invitation to Air Mail Center and Stanley.

          • Edwin Fung

            Eh why there but not Mongkok or Causeway bay?

          • Jay Kit

            Ask Niantic, wonder if all Ex Raid location are that distant from around the world.

          • Edwin Fung

            That sounds strange. I don’t think people who had received the invitation were able to participate in Ex raid.

          • Jay Kit

            I thought the first Ex Raids only start on October 1st?

          • Edwin Fung

            Do you mean the date of Ex raids release ‘worldwide’?

          • Jay Kit

            sir yes

  • Jakub

    Poland, Wrocław, “Pomnik na cześć Stanisława Topły” Gym

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I live in sydney australia, dont battle much with raids and i never want an ex pass! just as a normal raid boss! , but with all the Australian locations, They are nowhere near the major cities!!

    also some times when i go into my journal the game exits? just wondering if this may happen to other trainers

  • ono1113

    Slovakia, Žilina

  • Germany Falkenstein/Vogtl. :DD

  • Johnson Ning

    Is ex raid pass get just after the raid is finished.?

    • Julian


  • Julian

    What the actual f*ck. They said you can only get ex raid passes with sponsored gyms in the Netherlands in malls. We only have 4 malls here so i did every f*cking raid in one of these malls and now suddenly they don’t do sponsorde gyms only in Some small villages that’s got a player base of 5 people!

  • Raphael Luceiro dos Santos

    Belo Horizonte in Brasil too!

  • Sv

    Give coords pls

    • Joel Jensen

      so u can spoof? ha nah

  • Procrastinarys

    A lot of places in Brazil, not only Rio de Janeiro

  • Graham Barley

    were i live in uk a little town with 4 gyms hardly any players never seen any more then 6 doing gyms and gets ex raid not sure how this gym stuff works not make sense 6 players doing normal raids and gets ex raid ?????????????

  • Joel Jensen

    Burlington, Iowa got two different EX Raid invites late last night. One at Big Gun and one at The Statue of Liberty Replica

  • DawidRTG

    Not comfired but Koszalin Poland „Placyk Zabaw” get EX too

  • Carlos Montoya

    I didn’t received any pass but from our local groups, San Pedro Sula, Honduras is the only one getting EX-Raid passes in just one gym on a homage plate on a boulevard.

    • maggie

      How fun, I’m from San Pedro Sula, but I live in Spain now. I’ve done crazy amounts of raids, but haven’t gotten an EX pass in this wider round. Guess we will have to wait.

  • Tor-Iver Sørensen

    Please. These are going out all over! Small rural places in Norway got it too.

  • Kai von Hagen

    Switzerland has Multiple Ex Raids

  • Dark Armour13

    Can anyone write gym names in Australia from where we can get a ex-raid pass pls write names of the gyms of Australia .

  • maggie

    On Thursday? you mean Wednesday??

  • Rodo Nava Ordoñez

    I live in Querétaro México and exist 3 invitations in whole city

  • Rúben Xavier

    I’ve done a RAID in almost every gym of my city and it hapens to be in a gym I didn’t do any zzzzzzz

  • DonUga

    Villa Alemana, Valparaiso, Olmue, Curauma, Casablanca, La Ligua, Con-Con

  • Kiaan Mudaly

    South Africa has 3 Ex raids confirmed. Bloemfontain, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

  • Rob Freeman

    I live in Paris,Tennessee a small town 2 hours west of Nashville and we got 2 EX Raids. We did get more time to plan as ours are both September 30 12 to 1pm Central time. Only bad part is families were split and being a small town we all raid together weekly. Somehow it seems more were invited to 1 site and a smaller group of higher levels and low to mid 30s got invited to the other.

  • Chris Denton

    This marks the 3rd ex raid in the town I work in. I did get invited to this one, I just hope people show up. It sucks that I have to depend on others to show up when I have no control over that. We shall see. I’m in southern Indiana and I have seen a total of 4 ex raids, all of which were not in sponsored gyms. That could be because there aren’t any sponsored gyms.

    1 of those 4 I sat at and no one showed up. That made me pretty nauseous. Fortunately I wasn’t invited to that one.

    I got an invite from 1 solo battle with a tier 2 boss.

  • Anouar Saidi

    i receive an ex raid invitation in Tunisia in north of africa

  • Soccer14Magic

    Australia : East Maitland
    As well
    My friend got one and I didn’t, even though I go there every day and he was there last week.

  • Shawn Daniel Werk

    A few towns on Vancouver Island BC Canada

  • Bogdan Voicu Ban

    Arad, Romania. we need a new gym at pokestop : Consiliul Judetean .

  • Jo Monette

    Does not seems to be there but the National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau) in Canada is included 🙂 I received a pass on both my accoutns 😀

  • Lautaro Montemurro


  • Klemen Remškar

    even in Slovenia it is 😀

  • Lyonchris JM

    In Dominican Republic Junt in San Pedro de Macoris we got the Ex Raid Passes.

  • Héctor Rivera recinos

    Guatemala, Guatemala
    Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
    Huehuetenango, Guatemala

  • Fredrik Tveiten

    It have have arrived in Norway aswell

  • Elia yfrah

    bar seva

  • Bogdan Voicu Ban

    New pokestop / gym wanted in Arad, Romania. UVVG , street Elena Dragoi. It is a big university and has no gym or pokestop nearby, there are also two restaurants nearby.