the 31st Nest Migration has been observed in the wild, bringing new Pokémon species to your local parks and nests! This is one of the two migrations scheduled for October, with the next one happening in 14 days, just before Halloween 2017 event hype starts.

As always, we recommend going out, exploring your local nests and reporting changes to the Silph Road’s Nest Atlas.

0.75.1 fixes overheating?

In other news, a redditor by the name MoonSpirits shared that the 0.75.1 update fixed overheating on Sony XPeria Z5 Compact. Although we haven’t observed a similar phenomena on our devices, it’s not excluded that the 0.75.1 fixes were targeted at a subset of devices.

The whole story is available in this reddit thread, we’re sharing only an excerpt on the Hub:

Running on XPeria Z5 Compact and could not play more than 5~10 minutes without having to close the app and letting my phone cooldown. I had to find metal plates or boxes wherever I would go before starting to take a gym down or start a raid. Now I can hold my phone again between my hands, I can walk for long distances without having my character get stuck and the the pokeball spin forever.

GO Hub should be soon available on Amazon Echo!

We’ve received an e-mail today from one of our readers, asking if it’s OK to create an “Alexa skill” for reading the Hub’s headlines.

We had no idea that this was even possible, but thanks to Jamie, a frontend developer from UK, it seems that Hub will soon be available for your listening pleasure also.

The Alexa skill should be soon available on the Alexa skill store.

  • Mois Gabriel

    Please cheak this bug for Philips s326 gps is runing away

    • Jeroen Dekker

      Think you should contact Niantic

    • peponzio

      It is probably scared of the upcoming Halloween event.

  • Hemuli

    After the 0.75.1 update, my phone has crashed two or three times when using Pokemon Go. Not sure though if it’s the game that is causing the crash, but this has not happened with other apps.

    • Jeroen Dekker

      I got less crashes since this update..

  • Aaron Roffey

    I really hope this fix for the Z5C is for real. So excited!

  • Jennifer Richard Guimaraes

    Any idea on a fix for the plus and ios11? I’m 1/2 way through 39 and I’ve hit a huge roadblock with my new phone. Frustrating.

    • Jeroen Dekker

      Apple did update IOS11 to IOS 11.2 so it should be solved as it was an Apple problem not Niantics

      • Jennifer Richard Guimaraes

        It’s not. Did the 11.2 update yesterday

        • Jeroen Dekker

          For my friends who got plus and IOS11. 2 update it works perfect after issues with 11 (11.1)

          • Jennifer Richard Guimaraes

            I wish I was so lucky. Still the terrible lag. I’m missing more then 1/2 the stuff now.

  • Dimas Aditya S

    I think it’s true that they fixed the overheating issues, because I experienced no overheating issues at all today. My phone is xiaomi mi4i

  • ikato kiyazaki

    The app crashes when i go to journal

  • Jeroen Dekker

    Overheating is indeed solved for my Xperia XZ and my wifes Samsumg S5 compact.

  • RudyGr

    Happy they fixed the nasty Curveball button. Don’t know how many Legendary raids I’ve missed catching because of this. Hopefully, the PoGo+ bugs get fixed soon too.