the Halloween 2017 event is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave anything behind — quite the contrary.

Lavender music is still active

Trainers are reporting that the Lavender Music theme is still playing at night, despite widespread expectation that it will be turned off yesterday. We won’t lie: the creepy soundtrack was a long overdue refreshment during our evening walks and we’d be super sad to see it go away.

It’s not yet clear if the soundtrack will be available in the future, but for now (version 0.81.1) it still is.

The Halloween box sale has been extended

Although the event has ended, there’s still a few days to get Super Incubators via the Halloween Box sale. As noted in our Halloween 2017 Event Box: sale, pricing and contents analysis, we really liked Niantic’s box offering during this event. If you’re in the market for some Super Incubators and Raid Passes, consider buying them before November 6.

Sableye biome discussions

The elusive Sableye hasn’t stopped harassing Trainers even after the event has ended, as its biome is a hot topic of debate. With some claiming to have seen large amount of Sableye in the Mountain biome and others dismissing those claims, it seems that Sableye has at least two observable biomes:

  • The Mountain biome (Clefairy/Nidoran heavy)
  • The Grass biome (the widespread generic spawn biome)

It’s yet to be determined exactly, but this is what we know so far. Please share your observations in the comments below.

  • Jorrit_trickz

    Mountain Biome seems to be correct, as well as registered graveyards near me

    • 03grunt

      Same live in mountains can confirm

  • Michael Sullivan

    Ive also seen 2 duskull at night since the event ended.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    What people don’t understand is ever after the event ends, the pokemon will still spawn! Most of these will occur at night obviously! Zubat still spaws, so does genger and other GHOST pokemons! Ghost pokemons come out at night 99% of the time! What do you expect!

    • Michael Sullivan

      Of course it is expected they are still available. As well as their shiny versions that people are stressing about missing during the event. But, from my experience, I see ghosts very rarely. Before the event I hadn’t seen a Gastly in a month, maybe more, even though Im on a graveyard schedule.

      • Antonio Mercurio

        i guess, i dont really care much about pokemon go much now, im only playing when their is a event or a confirmed update!

    • Edwin Fung

      Yep they’re a part of gen 3 so they will spawn. Just like baby Pokemon in gen 2.

  • Xone

    Was walking home from a grocery store after the event had ended. Checked my nearby list AFTER I got in and noticed a Sableye at a church around the corner. I live in a city. I’m waiting for the rest of gen3 to release. Definitely want me an Absol

    edit: Sound is usually muted so I never noticed the music.

    Worth mentioning that sometime in the last 2 months or so they randomized spawn IVs per account more. For a long time (like the beginning) When you caught something no matter the IV any other account that catches the same one would have the same IV. This included Dittos. Now, while transformed dittos are still account wide, IVs are not. Also, if you are trying to catch something you know is a Ditto, don’t bother feeding Pinaps. It breaks free each time.

  • Mike

    Nite definitely is ghost time. I like the change, and i live in the mountains and just in the last 20 mins i have seen 3 sable eyes around my town. Is still don’t like niantic tracking or scaning my phones other apps now but until more complain, what can you do?

  • Clifford Streich

    I live and work in regular towns no mountains mostly flatland really and I’ve encountered a sableye at work and seen atleast two o n my radar since the event