another nest migration has occurred – the 21st Nest Migration is now in effect, bringing changes to your local nests and spawns!

Your local Pokemon Nests are likely to be completely overshadowed with the upcoming rock spawns. Make sure to scout them before the event starts, if that’s possible.

As always, The Silph Road’s Global Nest Atlas is your go-to place for reporting and discovering nests in your area.

New forum research project: Walking and evolving Eevee during the event

A member of our forum, josh_aran, is conducting an experiment in regards to Eevee and it’s hidden friendship based evolution!

The idea behind the research is that Eevee doesn’t require 10 KM walked, but rather only 2 Buddy Candy collected, which implies that Josh will have to walk only 2.5KM in order to evolve Umbreon or Espeon.

You can join the research quest here: [RESEARCH] Walking Eevee during the Rock Event

A short reminder:

  • Eevee will evolve in Espeon or Umbreon depending on the time of day it evolved in
  • To use this evolution method, Eevee needs to be your current buddy and have at least 2 Buddy Candy collected!

Rock gym cup in Pokemon Duel

Although we do not actively cover Pokemon Duel due to our own lack of interest and time, it’s notable to mention that the current Gym battle in Duel is a Rock Gym!

In other words, the events in Pokemon Duel line up perfectly with events in Pokemon GO. This was observed two times before, with the water and grass Gym Cups!

The Water Gym Cup aligned with the Water Festival, and the Grass Gym cup was aligned with the Worldwide Bloom event!

Manage your hype responsibly, we don’t have any concrete info to confirm that these two games are officially aligned.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I dont like pokemon duel.. thats my opinion. it was repetative and i was not giving up my time for the game..

  • RavynLiam

    I’m convinced that my local nest changes to whatever Pokémon I have buddied. This is the second migration that has done it & since I’m almost done with my current buddy, I will be checking to see if it happens again instead the next migration.

    • I get that too! When I put Onix as my buddy I found an Onix nest… then I changed to Omanyte and the nest changed to Omanyte, then I put Machop… well it changed to Machop… I just put Larvitar for the event… gotta check tonight 😀

      • RavynLiam

        I’m gonna keep testing it, but I hope that you get that Larvitar nest! I need a Machop nest too. Well, I need a lot of nests, but I’ll make the most of the events first.

  • alexcp

    It may have nothing to do with the topic, but have they increased 10km egg drop rate? I already got 4 in a row the last 2 days…

  • Remember to report your nest in the silph road… I just did… hope more people do it so I can check on it 🙂

  • Amir Sama

    Srly pokemon duel again??