John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, shared some exciting Pokémon GO news on the Mobile World Congress 2017!

Hanke’s session was a part of the “The Content Goldrush” panel, where biggest shakers and movers in the world of content creation and distribution shared their views and future plans.

Although expectations were low, Hanke managed to shed some light on the future of Pokémon GO by announcing that three major updates are planned for the game this year. He also highlighted that Generation 2 is the “first major update”.

Given the recent removal of Trading code from the app, it leaves us with only one solid guess: PvP is likely one of the future major updates. We’ve already discussed in depth the future of Pokémon GO and Hanke’s statement comes as reassurance that we were not far off!

TheSilphRoad also published their opinion on the matter and it seems that the consensus is on PvP. They noted that a potential overhaul of the Gym system could be in the works also.

The potential agenda for the updates is yet unknown, but given the events of past year, it’s likely that the following stands:

  • One of the major updates could land during July (launch anniversary)
  • Second major update could land during September (bridging the content gap)
  • Holiday Season filled with events (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year events)

As for the other potential “major update” candidates, we can’t help but to speculate that a worldwide event including Legendary birds could be in the works. This is pure speculation, but we it doesn’t hurt to hope, does it? 🙂

Stay tuned, much is coming and the year has just begun!

  • Imseos1

    Ok really this is the masterplan for the next year…. we are fucked^^

    No problem what i (and maybe other player) have are touched by these annoncments.

    Here some points:
    1. Players in not the big city of the world are fucked i live in a small town 40000 people live ther and we have 4 gyms and ca 20 pokestops … all in the middle of the city i must drive 1,5 km to the next pokestop or gym nice … ah not
    2. The lack of gameplay elements all we can do is catching and catching and catching … and no the battle in the gym are not a competiv element you can take any gym down if yo are above lvl 20
    3. No chance of getting a pair of nice pokemon without the eggs… i have seen only 2 Dratini in my game time since 10 of july 2016 but 100000000 pidgey ratata etc^^
    4. fucking exclusiv an no i dont have the money to go to japan or australia to get 2 pokemons to fill my pokedex (and yes i hate these empty slots in my index) what should i do … o i know spoofing because niantic didnt have a problem with this … but when my girlfriend drive to shopping i got a softban because she drives to fast …yeah^^
    5, Ok the only gameplay element ist catching und how can i see if i get a good pokemon without an extern iv checker to see easily is this pokemon crap or the hot shit …and no the rate my pokemon by the “teamleader ” is not very comforbal… an sorting my pokemon if the iv is 100% or not is not possible …yeah again
    6. the batte system sucks …and not in the nice way ^^ i love the term ” the enemy pokemon is confused and hit himself” or is burning …sleeping …poisend and now why have fast tapping and power attack … i can train a monkey (or the daugther of my girlfriend …and she is 5 ) to do this

    • kyle campeau

      Try living in a town of 4000 where you have 2 gyms and 6 pokestops and everyone on the opposite team has 3k+ CP dragons, blisseys and snorlaxs and im sitting here with a 1900 cp eeveelution…. sigh

      • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

        lol even my mom beats you then. if you cry about that you are just bad

  • Yacov Herskovits

    1) Battling

    2) Trading

    3) Legendaries

    Look it would make ZERO ZERO ZEO ZERO sense to have GEN 3 before the Legends of Gen 1 and 2.

    Kanto and Johto are both next to one another in terms of Geography they are part of the SAME cannon.

    Only thing that makes sense is Player vs Player Battling and Trading and the Legendary Pokemon of Gen 1 and 2.

    THEN when Gen 1 and 2 are COMPLETE etc. you can being on new generations.

    When one game is FINISHED, then you START a NEW game.