we are not sure if we’re crazy or not, so we need your help. We’ve noticed that the official Promo image for the Worldwide Bloom event features a different colored Bulbasaur.

The Bulbasaur in question looks A LOT like a Shiny Bulbasaur. Judge it for yourself:

Event page is up: Pokémon GO Grass Event

Niantic’s promo page

Grass pokemon event

Pokemon Company promo

Color diference

Shiny Bulbasaur in the core games:

Shiny and normal Bulbasaur sprites

Bulbasaur Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Pokemon GO Shiny Bulbasaur
  • Joel Jensen

    It’s definitely a shiny. No questions asked.

  • GigiFabulous
    • Chenco Eston Pérez Guinnot

      actually i went to the PoGo dex to see bulbasaur and it seems like we had the shiny all this time lol

      • GigiFabulous

        No, it looks like that in the main series game as well, the shiny is different

  • Abdullah Yousef

    Maybe it is a shiny but it will be hard to find
    I haven’t got a shiny magikarp yet? Lol

    • the2000guy

      I expect to catch at least a shiny Bulbasaur. I havent catch a shiny magikarp just yet and I live in an area surrounded by water where is very common to spawn magikarp.

    • Jeroen

      Ik caught 3 Shiny magikarps in last 2 weeks;) all 3 in themapark EFTELING;)

      • Abdullah Yousef

        You are the luckiest man ??
        Have you evolved them to gyarados yet?

    • Armelo Apelete

      Got a hundred percent one in the water event and just got a low Iv one 2 days ago

      • GameGuard

        100 % o es aren’t possible shinnys go by iv stats they only have a ciuple possible combos n 100 isnt one of them

        • Christian Ellingsen

          98 magikarp in water event and around 15-20 after. Non shiny……

        • Armelo Apelete

          So my appraisal on my shiny gyarados lied to me? LOL

    • AkaGandhi Steven Clark

      I got 3, first one was a amazing wow

  • Abdullah Yousef

    I think shiny pokemons will drop next week.

  • Sargonthegreat 07

    Its not shiny, shinies bulbasaurs are darker than this

  • sidelines

    Niantic’s promo material for news outlets suggests that it will be a shiny Eevee…

  • iCycle

    It`s no shiny. The bulb is too bright.