a reddit thread has popped up recently showing a curious e-mail sent out by Niantic (via [email protected] account) to one very lucky Pokémon GO player.

The email starts with “Happy Holiday!”, quickly reminding the player that a lot has happened in Pokémon GO recently and that new items are available in the game.

The player is then given a promo code that can be redeemed for two Super Incubators and one Premium Raid Pass, valid for the next three days before it expires.

The remainder of the e-mail discusses Dynamic Weather, promoting the notion of everyday being a new adventure and reminding that it’s now possible to encounter weather related spawns and that certain move types are boosted during different weather conditions.

The body of the e-mail is available below:

No new info has been shared in the e-mail, but it is very interesting to see Niantic reaching out to players that have been inactive for a long time, trying to reinvigorate and re engage the inactive player base.

We are not 100% certain, but the email doesn’t look like a reward item for active players, but rather like a “come-back-the-game-is-better-now” type of email frequently sent out by publishers and game developers.

This is further reinforced by the thread author himself, as he states that this is his second (ToS breaking) account that he uses for various controversial activities:

This is not my main account, it’s an account I’ve made to shove gym shovers last year, and I’ve never used it regularly, so you could look at it either way. I do use it occasionally now to see who’s in a lobby, or to encourage people to get in.

We haven’t received any reports of active players getting a similar e-mail. Hopefully this will change soon.

Our thoughts on the matter

We find it quite controversial that only inactive players receive emails like this, but we understand that it’s a bottom-line oriented business decision. However, it would be a fair move to offer the same deal to active players, as they are the ones keeping the game alive and fresh.

We feel like the hardcore players are being treated the worst, as they receive no benefit nor acknowledgment for their dedication, spending habits and time spent playing the game.

Two Super Incubators and a Raid Pass is not much, so why not extend this “deal” to everyone? After all, it’s a holiday season — is there a better time to give out free stuff?

  • the2000guy

    Inactive players receiving gifts by Niantic? What about these secondary accounts like this one that you mentioned that only did a Raid Once in a Sponsored Gym or a Gym located in a Park and automatically received an EX Raid Pass while active players did the same raid and they didn’t received? Is that fair to all the people who sacrifice daily to enjoy this game and we are getting no Ex Pass at all evdn after doing 3-4 raids in these gyms very known that will trigger the Ex Raid? Come on, Niantic is looking that a lot of active players leave the game for good… This is unacceptable now.

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      Haters will be haters, as usual, can people never be happy?

      • Francesc Rodríguez López

        Complaining and being a hater is not the same. Niantic should really do something to keep players happy and EX Raids are pissing more people off than making them happy.

      • Robdebobrob

        Can you stop being annoying on these forums? The guy is making a fair point about a current situation.
        All you keep doing on these forums is tell people to stop complaining about stuff that should really be adressed. If no one ever did, nothing would have changed since the game would come out.

      • ompus

        Haters? My oldest Pokemon is a cloyster from July 2016. I’ve walked 3100 km (no spoofing). I went to Chicago. My Pokedex is 281 caught / 286 seen. I’ve got five Groudons. The point is I’ve been playing and I’m still playing. Being frustrated with aspects of the game doesn’t make me or the other ‘complainers’ haters. I like the game. I play the game. IT CAN AND SHOULD BE BETTER. And if someone wants to stand up and defend the the EX system rather than lobbing ad hominem attacks… by all means do.

      • Chris Denton

        Ignorance is bliss, huh?

  • GonzoI

    I’m glad they’re doing something at least, but it’s definitely not the best approach, either from a bottom line perspective or a general play perspective. The way you draw people back isn’t to give them something that can sit indefinitely like a code or items, but a limited time offer that requires only a little bit of play. For example, free incubators for the first spin of the day for a couple weeks like last year. It’s both fair to the active players, and it gives a sense of urgency, which is basic marketing.

    This also won’t work for the users who switch to iPhone from Android (assuming they even made sure to send it out only to Android users). That’s kind of a death blow for bringing people back if you bait them back and then the bait doesn’t work when they arrive.

    • Fvnhy

      then just get an android, there are plenty of great androids out there.

      • GonzoI

        You want them to spend several hundred on a new phone so they can use a code for about $3 in items? And as part of a strategy to get them back into a game they quit?

      • Chris Seals

        Android is an OS. It is an alternative to iOS, not the iPhone. Many phones run Android but, overall, Android is an inferior OS. It would be much easier to just log onto a friend’s device who is running Android.

        • GonzoI

          Again, the point is that they will log into their own phone, see that it doesn’t work for them, and then re-quit immediately. No one is going to go to that much effort for a game they’ve already quit just because they got a tiny amount of free stuff.

  • JTzeus

    This thread is the purest example that Niantic is a business; they want quatity, not quality. This is why I dont spend money on the game. I dont want to support them more than I have to.

    • GonzoI

      There is no scenario in which a game of this scale is not a business. It takes massive resources to maintain, which aren’t going to be made available for something as frivolous as a game without a profit motive. If you want to avoid businesses, you need to stick to games that don’t require a server to play.

  • Curtis Beales

    Surprised they didn’t just give all inactive players a Mewtwo.

    • Dan

      So many people would rage quit.

      • CyberBishop1

        Agreed, I know of one local player that rage quit because he never received a mewtwo pass.

        • William Kelly

          Half my town did. I can show you legit support letters off fb for each. 212 players. But naintic doesnt care. We all spent over $100 during halloween area to attempt to earn. We even went out in groups an earned gold badges after our first niantic email we got a email back from “harry” stating its also our gym badge level so we do that aswell and zip.

    • Chanderule

      Do NOT give them ideas like this

  • Mike

    It’s not unusual for companies to offer a welcome back promotion. I’m not sure why anyone would be upset by this? These players also missed out on goodies that we got for free. They’re getting nothing crazy or special.

    • Mike G

      Exactly. I subscribe to WWE Network a couple times a year, and they sent me 3 free months recently, which amounts to a $30 credit. Niantic is basically giving $5. Not a big deal.

  • vegetano1

    I had liek a 50km egg with any legendary mon hatching,.. XD

  • Wild Heart

    I have multiple accounts I NEVER use, created and they’re still under level 20. Didn’t get a single email

    • Chris Denton

      Yeah, they aren’t going to incentivize breaking ToS. Multi accounting is cheating

      • Wild Heart

        I never use them, as I said. I simply stated this to say whatever they use to give away these things it’s not all inactive accounts

  • B.T.P.H

    Anyone having issues with revives…?
    Got none from over 100 poke-stops.

    • Francesc Rodríguez López

      Try gyms

    • GonzoI

      I got one from a pokestop an hour and a half ago. They aren’t as common, but I’m definitely still getting more than I need. (Also, got several from spinning gyms, so Francesc is probably right about spinning them for more.)

  • Nizar3003

    suck niantic -_-

  • Heero Yuy

    As someone who left the game, this email isn’t going to bring me back. The game is so far ruined that I am never coming back. Someone tell Niantic that they’ve blown it and the people they have now will probably be the people they will keep. Stop trying to get us back, we gave up on you like you gave up on innovation.
    Niantic needs to focus on keeping the players they have now. They should reach out to inactive players once they actually have a dynamic battle system and reasonable system of getting EX Passes (as if they ever can). My local POGO community died so its impossible to get legendary raids. RIP POGO.

    • Pokeballdk Denmark

      I’m sure you had reasons to quit for good, but what I don’t understand is why you then still spend time reading Go news and complaining about Niantic. Let it lie if you are not sorry you quit, play and discuss some other game and let the active Go players do the complaining if necessary. Move on!

      • Heero Yuy

        I have moved on, Niantic seems to be the one that needs us back. I got the email and checked with the POGO Hub. Just giving my two cents since I am trying to be lured back to this game.

  • Mehmet Bostan

    o yeah f*ck the real pogo gamers, niantic need more money

  • Fox

    É talvez se eu parar um pouco de jogar por uns seis meses quem sabe não recebo o passe do Mewtwo.

  • Heydavid17

    Well… what a disgusting move

  • Henk Trautmann

    Maybe they should reward loyal players with some nice stuff

  • Callum Andrew

    Funny I have not played pokemon go in mouth and they are giving the promo code to people by email

  • Wonder how they’re choosing these folks, I haven’t played in a long time and don’t see an email from them at all.

    • GonzoI

      Probably the same system as the EX raid pass distribution. “We got the computer really drunk, you know, by pouring a little of our beer into the CPU fan, then we pressed a buncha buttons.”

  • CollinstheClown

    5 year Ingress vet here. This is typical Niantic, there’s nothing complaining will do. It’s best to shrug off what they do and play on

  • Hee Chan Chae

    any1 else thought of putting that code into ur acc? XD

    • Frostyseahunt Bee

      Did it work? 😉

      • Hee Chan Chae


  • William Kelly

    No ty niantic. I left 3 months ago and never looked back, you killed our towns hype and costed my town hundreds of dollars for freemium raid passes to not give the top raiders or players their shot at the ex raid.. People are right… Hand us a free ex pass to jump back into the game.. You openly gave mock and hackers them why not the pkayers who actualy spent $100s AND walked to each raid as groups. Organizing an enitire towns chat and making sure people got to raid at proper times. I no longer support Niantic Or its partners. Lv40 mystic WeBchillinB signing OUT!

  • Bryan Page

    They prob quit for the same reason. This won’t lure most inactive players back.