something amazing has almost gone under the radar! NianticIndigo, the official representative of Niantic support on reddit, has shared the following statement today (source):

We still have more information to share about upcoming feature changes, but it may be a few more days. Stay tuned.

In other words, the incredible Global Challenge, the Youtube-centric Travel event, the gotta catch them all hype the community is currently in — all of that, albeit great, is not the news that John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO, hinted last week (see article Niantic officially doubles down: more Pokemon GO news next week and 100% commitment on delivering new features).

We were under the impression that the Pokémon GO Travel event was the news we were promised, but there is apparently more coming. If you’ve payed attention to the announcement wording, it now seems evident that the news will contain something significant and gameplay focused. The word “features” in Niantic’s publishing lingo almost always means “gameplay elements and systems”, not content updates or new Pokémon.

Maybe we’ll see the removal of EX Raid invitations. Maybe they’ll announce that abilities are coming with Gen III. Maybe they’ll reinvigorate the competitive spirit with a form of PvP. If you’d ask us to put money on a feature, we’d say PvP, but don’t quote us on this.

We’re in the dark same as you are. However, we are feeling cautiously optimistic. With the recent uplift in community and influencers engagement, the “we’re 100% committed” announcement and the relatively soonish release of Gen III (probably less than a month away!), we can’t help but admit one thing: we firmly believe that 2018 will be a  strong year for Pokémon GO.

Fingers crossed we’re not wrong. Now stop slacking and go out catch some Pokémon — we’ve got a challenge to complete!

P.S. NianticIndigo made sure everyone sees this response and commented it three times in various different reddit threads. Accident? Hardly. Click the image for full resolution, we purposely include low res here in order to save your mobile bandwidth.

Source: /u/NianticIndigo reddit profile
  • Lee Eardley

    It will be a Thanksgiving event like last year 🙂 which will see us through to mid December and hopefully gen 3 will be out before a Xmas event… Just nothing to do and the top youtubers are all reflecting this as well. Lest content at the minute.

  • Joe1407

    Again all talk, no action. Last year this event was given to us. Now, ” Well if you all work together, you can have it”. Delay after delay. Gen 1 is still not completed. Where is “MEW” Stop holding stuff back and get on with it!

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      Mew? I think most people would settle for a Mewtwo at this point. 600/1000 on legendary medal, still no invite.

      • Richx93

        Couldn’t agree more. Lets not even consider moving past Mewtwo when the vast majority havent even had a chance.

    • Paul
      • Finn Brown

        This is probably very true

    • Richx93

      Screw Mew, let the rest of us have a chance to get Mewtwo.

    • Alaska Stark

      Spoiled brats everywhere…..

  • Chris Denton

    Who wants to bet this will not address long standing issues and only addresses the people crying about mewtwo?

    Ex raids are not the biggest problem but there is an easy solution, scrap them all together.

    • Felipe Bauer

      I could not agree more, make mewtwo a regular level 5 more accessible raid boss

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    If you asked us to put money on a feature, we’d say pvp”
    -PoGo Hub

    • Oh you

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        Hehe. #savagelitfampopularstuffandimrunningoutofbreath

  • Brian Keith

    like what is this even.. im speechless, confused, and frustrated all at once.

  • Paul

    Another blah blah blah from Niantic without any action. Do you see how we are amazing blah blah, we will do a lot of amazing features blah blah ….. blah blah blah. More than one year are go and we still have same problems – spoofers, no pvp, no trade, no upgraded ar, no app stability.

    All that Niantic can do is cluck-cluck cluck-cluck 🐔believe that 2018 will be a strong year for Pokémon GO cluck-cluck cluck-cluck 🐔

  • KatyCro

    There you go!
    Now, it is already newsworthy to report that there are still no news to talk about.
    PoGo = utter sadness

  • Petr Jaroš

    So now we are supposed to be hyped about someone from this incompetent company writing a post saying “more news coming soon”? Seriously?

    • peponzio

      Well when everyone’s waiting and someone says “10 more minutes” it’s usually greeted nicely. But it is fair to reclaim for making us wait in the first place.

  • Joe D

    probably a new shirt…

  • P-necio

    Again, Believe in Niantic is like believe in Hillary Clinton.

    • Higher_Ground

      Go figure, an obnoxious toad found its way to PoGoHub.


      • P-necio


  • iwan

    now i playing dragonius go…..i leave pokemon go…..very2 disapointing,never recived ex raid…get banned…etc…..even i’ve win raid many times…..bull shit…leave pokemon go….

    • Spetsen


  • Portuga Goleta

    Quests >>>>> PvP

  • JuJu On that beat

    damn people still play this game?! why?